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Beyonce And Her Jelly Need To Stay The Hell Away From Malaysia


I can’t believe I’m about to ask this, but can we please discuss Beyonce and her history with southeast Asia?

Two years ago, Beyonce cancelled a scheduled performance in Malaysia because she wasn’t willing to put some clothes on.  The Malaysians have rules and she wasn’t willing to pay respect to a nation’s culture by putting on a shirt.  She ended up performing for those progressive Indonesians instead.

A few weeks ago, Beyonce said that she’d be performing in Kuala Lampur as part of her “I Am” tour — should be the “I Am A Liar” tour.  The concert promoter has announced that her performance has been “postponed to a future date to be announced shortly.”  In other words, this show is never going to happen because Beyonce still won’t robe up and obviously thought she could change the mind of an entire government body.

I think it’s high time that B accept the facts:  Malaysia isn’t ready for your jelly.

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  • LOL that’s funny.. I just think that Beyonce is a stupid bitch.. It’s another country, it’s another culture and they don’t like whores.. And she cannot be the better person and just show some respect? i mean, it’s not that hard is it? it’s very very stupid of her i think.

    So i agree with you Wends, some people are just not ready for her jelly lol.. I loved that..

  • Wendie – you are totally right about Beyonce’s lack of respect for the cultural norms of Malaysia. She is clearly not a culturally competent performer and is making it pretty obvious that her music can’t stand on its own….shame on her for becoming so irrelevant!

  • She doesn’t need to wear what they want here to wear! Too damn bad for them, it’s thier loss. Good for her.

    Too bad more women in that part of the world can’t stand up for what they want without the fear of being beheaded or stoned to death. The world would be a much different place. These countries are very oppressive to women. Beyonce you are now my idol!

    • I agree. Not completly because saying “you are my idol” is taking it just a little to far for me ;-)
      And Tako I think that calling her a whore because of the way she dresses is a little over the top too.

    • Diddo! Im not going to some country where I have to change what I want to wear because showing my ankle is scandalous. Its better for her to stay out of a country than to go there and break their rules. She’s an American and used to her freedom to wear whatever the hell she wants, I dont see why she should try to accommodate them by making a whole new set of costumes for her and all her dancers. Yeah right.

    • It is amazing how intolerant you all are as you sit here demanding fair treatment for women in countries that most of you know nothing about. Your intolerance for Malaysian culture is exacly the same as what you claim is the problem with their country. I wish I was more surprised by your comments, but it is just the immature and short-sided opinions that can be expcted from traditional White, Europeans and Americans. Open your minds people – accept other cultures for what they are and what they value – even if it is different from what you believe!!! FOOLS!

      • Opinions are just that. You sound pretty ignorant yourself to assume all of us here are White/European/American AND that no one here understands the Malaysian culture.

        Apparently Malaysians have heard of her and listen to her music since they were going to pay to go see her, surely even have seen her “western dress”. She is what she is. She doesn’t need to change herself to fit into a culture she is not part of. Luckily here in America, if you don’t like something you don’t have to do it- or watch it, or read it or listen to it. You don’t expect that everyone changes for you. Stop crying ignorant when you yourself are just that.

      • “You don’t expect that everyone changes for you.” Hum….isn’t that exactly what Beyonce is doing? She expects a government to change existing laws so that she can go over there, overcharge their citizens, and expose them to something that they, as a community of people, do not approve of or feel comfortable with. If Beyonce feels so strongly about the costumes she performs in, then she should not try to schedule or plan a concert in a country that would require her to make changes to them. I do not see why her crotch HAS to be exposed for her performance to go well.

        In regard to my comment about White, European and American culture…if you do some research, you will find that White, European culture is in fact the mainstream culture in America….it is the culture that we expect every person to assimilate to (as wrong as that may be). Yet again, I am not at all shocked by your lack of knowledge or information regarding my comment. My comment was made not to assume that every person on here is white, but rather to point out that we all live within a White, European dominated culture. Use your head every once and a while – I dare you!

      • Oh you are so superier in intellect! Get over yourself.

        We have here an entertainter- an artist- who perfroms in a way and dresses in a way which makes her stand out and makes her who she is. It’s part of her deal. She is not a politician or representing any political interests. She is an entertainer who is paid to entertain. This style of dress is essence is who she is; part of her success- and then she should change that in order to perform for people who do not approve, yet must in some way since they have listened to her, purchased her music, and are potentially paying for a ticket to see her? Perplexing!!! So let’s send a Picasso exhibit over there- but wait, cover up the boobies! The community of people won’t approve!

        I am so glad to be American-White-European “mainstream”.( And last I check Beyonce was neither white nor european) I am glad to be a woman in America. Please don’t feel the need to respond for I don’t care. I triple dog dare you!

      • She’s not expecting them to change for her. She’s not trying to change their laws or force herself on them.
        She’s simply declining to play there until they let her wear what she wants to wear.
        Exactly what is your problem with that?

      • Hey there LilDi – I accept your dare. You are right, and obviously extremely observant, Beyonce is not White or directly European. However, she comes from and remains in a culture that is dictated by White, European ideals, values, and norms – as do all people residing within the United States. Oh, and you are also right about one other thing – I am superior to you!!! Doesn’t take much work to accomplish that though.

      • Please pick up a thesaurus or use a spelling and grammar check before you post any further comments. It isn’t half as fun to get into arguments with people who can’t even properly utilize the English language. Read your posts outloud, that way you can enjoy your stupidity as much as I have today. Thank you for putting a smile on my face – it has been a rough day for me. I look forward to future amusement based on your lack of intelligence!

      • Ooooh you told me! Geez Reno yoo shur r purfekt. Eye hoap eye cann grow up 2 b az kool az u som dey.

        You put a smile on my face because you are the worst kind of ignorant. Keep doing what you are doing; it’ll take you real far.

      • Oh my – don’t you just get more clever with every passing moment?! I’m really impressed that you can write things out phonetically – good for you darlin’! And by the way, things do seem to be working out for me considering I have a dual Master’s degree, own my own business, and am still in my twenties. I appreciate the vote of confidence though LilDi!

      • To be fair… doesn’t acheiving a “dual Master’s degree, own[ing your] own business” while still in your twenties sound pretty congruent with the values of “traditional White, Europeans and American” culture that you just blasted for being myopic? Just a thought…. :)

        That being said, good for you for all your achievements.

        Back to the topic of Beyonce and Malaysia… I would argue that this forum shouldn’t except Beyonce to conform to Malaysian culture if she doesn’t want to, just as they shouldn’t expect Malaysian culture to conform to Beyonce if they don’t want to.

        If there were reports of Beyonce pitching literal hissy fits, then I could see the argument against her, but it sounds like both sides were interested in having her back but just couldn’t quite meet in the middle; I’m sure all parties tried to be as diplomatic as they could.

  • So Beyonce should get a whole new wardrobe for her concert because the country that wants her to perform there has insane rules about “female modesty?”
    Screw that. When they progress to the point that women are allowed to wear what they want then they can have concerts put on by scantily clad singers.

  • i hardly think this is any sort of problem.
    beyonce and her music are irrelevant and insignificant.
    age-old cultures should be respected.
    and if miss thang has such true fans in malaysia, those fans can buy a ticket to her show someplace else and travel to see her. “problem solved.”
    for the record, i’d like to see beyonce wear more clothes with coverage on a regular basis, no matter what country she’s in.

    • “for the record, i’d like to see beyonce wear more clothes with coverage on a regular basis, no matter what country she’s in.”

      So true. I’m sorry, I’m no prude, but when she wears crap like in the above picture all I want to do is scream out “That crotch is INSANE!!” ala Michael Kors on Project Runway.

      • y’now, that shave, leotard, and stockings have got to itch somethin’ fierce.

        eeew. she does not LOOK fierce, though.
        and doesn’t her mama dress her?

        did she do pageants as a child? it would explain, but not excuse, such lapse in taste/decorum/style/class/judgement/wardrobe.


    • She’s talking about her “jelly” because of the song Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. The chorus is “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”.

      • I think Tabby is aware of that. Tabby I agree with you, if you look from the waist down it kind of freaks me out. Only because of her outfit.

  • Although I’m definitely no big fan of Muslim controlled nations, they have the rules they have. If she can’t even meet them half way, or come on stage without half her cooter hangin’ out, then it’s her loss.

    • Actually, this probably just cuts down on the number of vaccines she needs to get before traveling. So it’s still just their loss.

    • sorry Shar – you owe someone twenty bucks. I have been commenting on here under this name for quite some time – even before Jerzy was banned from the site.

      • Jerzy was banned? WTF? Is that the fate of Donkey Punch too? This site isn’t worth being banned from! Sheesh.

  • What I don’t understand, is that if they’re so offended by her wardrobe then why do they watch her on tv? Surely they have, to be fans of hers…

    Just out of curiosity… I’m not trying to be smart or anything, but do men also have to be covered up? If a male performer decided to go out in his tidy-whities would that be ok? I seriously wanna know.

    And Reno, when you’re really intelligent, you don’t go around TELLING people you are intelligent because they’ll see that on their own.

    • Right? Nothing lamer than a bunch of people who can’t spell calling each other dumb.

      That said, I’m with Beyonce here. I’m a former Muslim, and these rules are bullshit. She’s not fighting them, she’s simply taking her business elsewhere. And that’s fine. She shouldn’t have to conform to their standards. She’s not hurting anyone.

      In Islamic law, men are required to be covered from navel to knee. SO, technically, I suppose a man could perform only in a pair of surf shorts and be fine. However, it might still be frowned upon as being out of the norm.

  • I’m no expert on Malaysian politics, but if I remember correctly, it’s not actually “the government” (as in “a constitutional law”) that prohibits her dress code, but ONE political party (the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) that has the problem. Yes, that party (or rather, the coalition they lead) happens to be in power now, but I think it’s important to remember that not all Malaysians are Muslim, and not all Malaysian Muslims voted for this party. Their policies are also not constitutional law.

    As an aside, anyone who says Americans are being insensitive or not respecting others’ cultures when we criticize policies like this can SUCK it. Allowing women the freedom to dress however they want (sexy or covered) is a part of American culture. Like it or not, Beyonce is also a part of American culture. They were quick to criticize our culture, saying that it will “damage their society’s morals.”

    Some of you seem to believe that they should be free to pass judgment on (and even ban) “Western culture” (whatever that means) but that “Westerners” cannot pass judgment on theirs.

    Well, there’s a difference between being close-minded and taking a stance on something you believe in strongly. I reject policies like this “dress code” for women because I believe they’re demeaning and damaging. That’s MY personal belief and I am as entitled to my personal beliefs as anyone else on the planet. My criticism of their policies is not any less valid than their criticisms of “western sexy performances” simply because I am a liberal American and they are conservative Muslims. The tenets of a political party, religion, or society are not automatically deserving of respect simply because they are in opposition to the tenets of the current dominant world power.

    In short, I accept their right to HAVE an opinion, but I am entitled to REJECT that opinion as a crappy one.