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Jimmy Kimmel’s New Lady Isn’t All That New


Back in July of 2008 when Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman parted ways, it was rumored that Kimmel was rebounding with a member of his staff, Molly McNearney (pictured above picketing for the writer’s strike in Los Angeles.) The rumors were quickly denied by all involved in the story and it went away.

Thankfully, my mind is a vault for nearly useless information, because when I saw today on that Kimmel is officially and publicly dating a member of his staff named– wait for it– Molly McNearney, I couldn’t help but put the two together. So do you think those interludes of Sarah and Jimmy dating again were a farce and/or appreciated by his girlfriend of a year? I would think not.

However, sources close to the pair say that they seem to be doing well and that they are “really happy together”. Awesome for them, but doesn’t a talk show host hookin’ up with a young, blond staff member sound slightly familiar? The source assures People that, unlike Letterman and his broad, “during work hours, they keep things professional.”

One paragraph I found troubling in the People story was this:

McNearney, 31, who first joined the show’s staff as an assistant to the executive producer in July 2003, began writing on the show in 2006, and was promoted to her current position as co-head writer in May 2008

Uhhh, from assistant to co-head writer in only six years? I guess that happens from time to time, but that sounds like an awfully quick sprint through the ranks to me. Perhaps these two have had a little somethin’ somethin’ going on for longer than they admit to?

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