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I Want What Sharon and Ozzy Have

Sharon Osbourne Celebrates Her 57th Birthday

Sharon Osbourne celebrated her 57th birthday last night at The Late Late Show with hubby Ozzy Osbourne. I know it can’t possibly be just me who thinks they are one of the most romantic couples ever. Sure, they’ve been through it between Ozzy’s drug problems, Sharon’s weight loss and cancer and their three troublesome kids, but I feel like the fact that they’re still so close and lovey dovey shows that none of that seems to matter two the two of them. Check them out in the gallery smooching and holding hands for the paparazzi (and how good does that puppy dog cake look?)

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  • How do you know he’s never touched her like that since? Do you live with them or do they keep you informed of their every move?

    • They are pretty open with their life and I am pretty sure also that when Sharon and Ozzy have talked about their past situations with physical abuse it was along the same lines. That he went crazy one night after being high on a cocktail of who knows what, tried to strangle her and when he sobered up and realized what he did. I also think that was around the same time he really decided to try and get clean.

      I like their relationship too. They have been through some crazy shit but I think it speaks volumes that they are still together and have what really seems like a loving and respectful relationship.

      • I don’t buy it. If your best friend’s husband/boyfriend strangled her in a drug induced rage I doubt you’d think much of the relationship.

        Even if he only strangled her ‘once’.

        That and the drugs, women, …blech. Sorry but theres not one guy in the world worth all that. Not one. This is less a testament to love and more a twisted codependant relationship.

  • Having survived all of those very difficult times together is the reason that they have such a wonderful relationship now. Unlike most rock and roll / Hollywood couples, they honored their vows and stuck-it-out…maybe if people ran for divorce court a little less there might be more people out there who understand the kind of love that couples who hang-in there together achieve.

  • They’re both looking good! In spite of life’s challanges, they’ve really pulled through well… I only saw their show a few times, but I was a HUGE Ozzy fan as a teen and I think he looks better now than when he was younger.. Sharon looks great 57- I hope I look that good at 57!
    All the best to them….

  • You can call the Osbournes a lot of things, but one thing they’re not is fake. If they seem like they’re happy (now), then I totally believe in their romance.

    • Didn’t she move out of the house and refuse to be included in their reality show? I think that was the small blurb I read about why no one ever really sees her.

      • Yeah, she wanted to focus on some acting career instead of being on a reality tv show. Sad, since it clearly didn’t pan out.