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Nick Nolte’s Son Arrested on DUI


I am trying to come up with something funny to say about the fact that Nick Nolte’s 23-year-old son, Brawley, was arrested on PCH for DUI on Tuesday afternoon (afternoon?), but I don’t stand a chance in hell of coming up with something better than what Alex Blagg posted on his Twitter:

Nick Nolte’s son was arrested for DUI, too. He should do a reality show with dad called “So Noltorious.”

There you have it. I admit when I’ve been beat. Although I will add that, when you know you’re an alcoholic and you still go ahead and name your biological child “Brawley,” you gotta know that kid doesn’t stand a chance.

Get your ass into treatment, “Brawley,” so you don’t have to pose for mug shots for twenty more years like your dad did.

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