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Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan

Lindsay showed up tonight at a Vogue party in Paris, because she’s completely and totally stoned a fashion maven.  I’m pleased to see her not wearing leggings or flannel, but I’m horrified to see her 15 year old sister Ali “How Can Your Mother Let You Walk Out Of The House Looking Like That?” Lohan looking like a backup dancer that just stepped off a Robert Plante video shoot.  I can’t even discuss the dude standing behind the two of them.  He’s obviously the dealer a friend,

The paps are always looking to break a new story, so they made sure to get a close up of LL’s arm which shows some cutting scars and bruising as well.  I don’t know what’s up with Linds, but I hope she’s set down the razor blade and picked up a new lease on life.  Maybe while she’s picking up that new lease on life, she can pick up some Miss Clairol too.  Her hair is officially yellow.

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  • Getty has pictures from tonight too and you can see that there are barely any marks in her hand . They seem old and healed .

    You also altered the picture to make them more obvious.

    Whatever you write losers you give her and Ungaro press. That means more money for both of them.

    • Yeah, because Wendie has so much extra time on her hand to alter LL pictures to “make them more obvious”

  • I think you’re thinking of Robert Palmer’s backup singers.

    Don’t insult them by comparing Ali Lohan to them.

  • robert plant is the lead singer of led zeppelin. you mean robert palmer. don’t insult mr. plant!

  • That young girl is going to make her sister look like a rank amateur in the trainwreck department. Just give her time.

  • She’s still alive?
    I’m kinda confused about why anybody would give a shit about what’s going on with some chick that used to make movies.

    • Seriously! She does! When I looked at this I thought, hey Lindsay looks pretty good but dang, her sister looks 40 yr. old and like she is losing her hair.

    • Seriously! She does! When I looked at this I thought, hey Lindsay looks pretty good but dang, her sister looks 40 yr. old and like she is losing her hair.
      But seriosuly, I do think Lindsay looks good here.

  • I loved Robert Palmer before he jumped the shark with those videos. He was a hottie. Can’t believe he’s gone….
    La Lohans kinda look like scary grannies.

    • Agreed. If I saw my daughters about to go out of the house looking like that I would go ape shit. Well I’d let Linds go, cuz she isnt worth saving but Ali… god she is still a minor.

  • i love how in two paragraphs you manage to insult her hair color and fasion sense, imply that she’s a poser with no real talent, call her a stoner, accuse her mother of being irresponsible and say her little sister looks like a whore, and then act like it’s crazy that she cuts.

    (it’s not like that stuff’s all baseless, but come on. if it’s true, it’s all reason to be unhappy. and whether it is or not, your saying it here is just an example of the kind of shit that’s slung around about her all the time. and running pictures of her scars… i realize you report “news” here and that’s something people want to know, but fuck. i think that’s pretty low.)

  • Robert Plante? Wendie, you should do a little googling before you mistake Robert “I don’t think there’s an e in his last name” Plant with Robert Palmer. Simply irresistible. I know you were thinking of the right person, so I forgive you.

    And I think more emphasis should be placed on the color of Lindsay’s orange complexion next to Pasty McPasterson behind her. Her sister really does look like a cougar. It’s baffling really.

  • Jesus! Robert Plant/Palmer whatever! I knew what she was talking about. Does she need to be corrected 6 flippin’ times? NO

    Lindsay looks okay,but definitely not high fashion and her sister….well i’m not going to go there,she is only 15. Do not know what Ungaro was thinking.

  • i for one am a HUUUUUUUUUGE Led Zeppelin fan, like….H.U.G.E.
    i for one also called Robert Palmer “Robert Plant” once.
    so big fuckin’ deal.
    (wendie you’re great.)

    the Lohans on the other hand; now THAT’s some major stinky orange caca dootie. so delusional, ALL of them really, it’s just mind boggling…