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Thank You to Carmex for Paying the Bills This Month


When I found out our sponsor for this month was Carmex, I was delighted. I am, in actuality, a Carmex devotee, so I don’t have to make up something that sounds positive about a product I’ve never heard of. That’s a relief. I’m one of those girls who, starting at the age of about 5, went through around 30 jars of Carmex each winter. This year, they were kind enough to send me five samples of their latest product, Carmex MoisturePlus lip balm, which is basically Carmex in a lipstick tube. That should be enough to last me through mid-October. Seriously though it’s a way cool product, and I’m not sure why they didn’t think of it sooner. It tastes yummy and makes your lips tingle and works as well as any other Carmex product, but it’s less messy.

As a thank-you to Carmex for funding us this month (all together now: “Thank you, Carmex!”), we thought it would be fun to put together a couple galleries of celebrity lips. Carmex wanted to do a gallery of the hottest celebrity lips. And I was like, “Okay, we can do that, but only if I can accompany it with a gallery of the most botched celebrity lip injections.” Hee hee. I like to remain true to my craft. So we agreed to do both. You can check out the Luscious Lips Photo Gallery here, and the Hollywood’s Most Botched Lip Injections Photo Gallery here. Enjoy, and thank you again to Carmex MoisturePlus lip balm for keeping us in business!!!

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  • For some reason I naturally gravitated towards the botched injection train wreck. What is wrong with me? ROLF…

  • Well, at least this time you don’t have to have your sites readers write in and tell you what they love about a bunch of shitty shows that ABC has released on DVD.

  • as mentholated product carmex is designed to dry your lips the f*out then you buy more carmex cuz it’s the only thing that makes it feel better.

    it’s like my mom, when she ate ice because she had an iron deficiency.

    or a crack head!

    mm mm

  • most famous lushious lips is Angelina.. and Poor Monkey-mouth Beil smells her upper lip everytime she smiles.

  • I think Anna Farris looks good. The rest of the “botched” group is horrid though. Man, hope that stuff wears off.

  • I am slightly attached to my Carmex also. I keep one in my purse, one in the truck & one in my desk at work.

    And I bet I have a few practically empty jars in the makeup drawer, in my bathroom.

  • The reason it makes your lips all tingly is because it contains salicylic acid which is also used to remove warts. So basically your burning your lips off each time you apply it.

  • i just bought that moistureplus lip balm and it’s pretty good. :D i can’t choose between burt’s bees and carmex though. both of them are pretty great.

  • NO ANGELINA!!!!! tisk tisk tisk carmex leaves a turrible after taste in my mouth , does the new stuff do that too?

  • Yes, why no Angelina? Too obvious? I think some of the “botched” photos don’t look that bad–Meg Ryan has always had an odd lip shape, and it’s hard to tell with some of the others. But Britney Murphy–holy crap! She used to be cute. Why, woman, why?

  • I just got some of the Carmex Moisture Plus – I LOVE this stuff. I don’t look like I have coodies when applying it now b/c its in this really cute lipstick like tube…GO CARMEX and EB – the photos are great…Brittany Murphy – was that shot taken seconds after she OD’d on collagen injections??