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If You Didn’t Hate Screech After Seeing Him on Celebrity Fit Club …

Beet told us the other day that Dustin Diamond, better known as Saved by the Bell‘s Screech, has bundled together a collection of his delusions and found a publisher willing to call it a book.

This morning Double D (and he is a complete boob) was on Fox 5 to plug his new book.  He shared a story of when an extra on the SBTB set irritated him and he responding by pissing in her purse.  Oh. The. Hilarity.

If you saw Double D on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, you know that he’s a big fat liar (emphasis on fat since he kept leaving the show every other episode), but I’d still buy his book just to see what type of shit he’s trying to peddle.  Well, I’d buy his book if I could get it on my Kindle.  For … like, a quarter.

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  • Really? As a teen, I never felt the need to piss on some one else’s belonging’s to mark my spot. He’s so fucking gross.

  • i don’t care if he does have a (supposedly) big schlong…he’s got the worst case of chick-hips i’ve ever seen on a guy…..really terrible body.

    and doesn’t this schmoe realize that ever time his name is mentioned EVERY BROAD IN AMERICA thinks about how super hot Mark-Paul Gosselaar is.

    or maybe it’s just me, but still.