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I Sure as Hell Hope This Isn’t True


Janet Charlton is reporting — and my only solace is that she was kinda sorta wrong about John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari — that Ben Stiller and his wife of 12 years Christine Taylor have split up!

It’s been common knowledge that they put their $12.5M Hollywood manse on the market, but Charlton claims it’s because their marriage is over.  According to her, Stiller is devastated and trying to get Christine back, but they are living apart at this time.

Could this be true?  I saw Stiller on Ellen about a month ago and he talked so affectionately of his wife.  I love these two together and wanted them to have a Hollywood happy ending just like Ben’s parents, Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara who have been married for 55 years.

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  • I agree! They are a couple who just seem to fit each other. I think she is unbelievably beautiful and he is an excellent comedic actor! Fingers crossed this is not true!

  • It’s my understanding that HE’s the one with the eating disorder (bulimic) and a total bitch.

    Sadly, I can see this in him…

    Just tellin’ ya what I heard, man.

    • i’ve heard the same, he was slapping her down for eating. couldnt even stand to be in the house when she did it. seen it a couple places, i think lainy had a blind about his and hers bulimia. cant think of where else…

  • She can move in with me!! I have been crushing on her since “Hey Dude”……Anybody remember that show? And what ever happened to Brad? I loved her also.

  • I know someone who has worked in a few of his movies and says that he is a real a-hole and treats her like crap.

    If that’s the case, move on girlfriend! You deserve better!

  • I didn’t like it when in the Heartbreak Kid he got Malin Akerman completely naked and then had these really over the top sex scenes that had nothing to do with a harmless comedy.

    Especially since she got a comedic role and wasn’t just the “hot chick with no lines”.

    So, I suspected his might be a jerk. If you exploit an actress and force her to bare her body (and by doing so “cheapening” the fact that she actually got a real comedic role and had to be funny and carry a lot of that movie), then you might have a problem in how you see women.

    I feel sad for his wife, since she looks like a sweet person.
    If he did cheated, I hope she will indeed leave him.