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“We are Against Western Sexy Performances”


Two years ago, Beyonce was scheduled to perform in Malaysia, but canceled the show after members of the country’s conservative Islamic majority threatened to protest or petition the government to ban the concert if she didn’t cover up her bootyliciousness. At the time, Beyonce’s PR people claimed that the show was canceled due to a scheduling conflict, but really, she wasn’t willing to follow the country’s modesty laws which state that any female must cover herself from shoulder to ankle. She went to Indonesia instead, where the dress code is more lax.

Now, her website has released a statement saying the singer will take the stage in Kuala Lampur on October 25th as part of her “I am” world tour. The majority government isn’t too excited about it, and released a statement containing one of the most amusing anti-western quotes in recent history:

Sabki Yusof, youth vice head of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, said Sunday that they would send a protest note to the government over the concert. He said it was the government’s “responsibility to protect the people of Malaysia” from what he described as immoral Western influences.

“We are not against entertainment as long as it is within the framework of our culture and our religion,” Sabki said. “We are against Western sexy performances. We don’t think our people need that.”

In Knowles news of a smellier sort, Beyonce is currently being sued by Abercrombie and Fitch for copyright infringement. The company claims that a fragrance named after Knowles’ alter ego Sasha Fierce violates a copyright they hold on fragrances named “fierce.”

Ironically, both Knowles and Abercrombie are being sued by Garth Brooks for infringing upon the copyright he holds on lame alter egos and general doucheyness.

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  • They did the same for the pussy cat dolls.

    And just before anybody gets the wrong idea about Malaysia from Kelly’s post, I spent plenty of time there with my calves and even (gasp) my knees showing at times. I may even have worn the odd strappy top, though possibly not, because of the extreme sun. Apart from the usual “Wow, you’re white” stares, I don’t recall getting any abuse or hostile looks. Or overly leery looks, for that matter. It’s a very “happy-Islam” place.

    But when Western tourists go to more conservative countries, they accept that they might dress more conservatively out of respect for the culture that they have chosen to throw themselves into. I guess it’s not that unreasonable to expect pop stars to do something similar…

    • Well said, Sophie, and I agree. She should respect their culture and dress accordingly if she wants to perform there.

    • Yeah of course their culture should be respected – but demanding women to cover up only because they were born female belongs, in my opinion, to a backwards culture, whether it is Islam, Orthodox Jews or extreme Catholics.

    • I get what you are saying about respecting the country’s ways and dressing as they would like her, too.
      However, did you ever think that maybe she is consciously deciding to not have a concert there instead of covering up as a way to protest against the way those countries treat women and their bodies?

      • And that would be a reasonable thing to do, and her right and decision.

        But I don’t think that’s it, because all we’re hearing is an official statement from the Malay people. I don’t think her camp has released anything approximating to a condemnation of cultures that expect women to cover up.

        The issue made me smile because it reminded me of a captioned picture of Beyonce that I once came across…

        (Don’t worry, it’s not dodgy)

    • I’ve spent time in Malaysia too and it’s a fantastic place. I very much doubt they’d be asking her to cover herself from neck to ankle here, just be a bit respectful of their culture and tone the hoochie-ness down.

  • I get that beyonce wants to show off her hips and all, but is there a way she could do it without showing off her crotch crease? Like I really don’t need to see that.

  • Read between the lines. She isn’t bring any message worth hearing. That’s why she barred. That and she’s backed by big American industry. I don’t think Mother Theresa would have been banned.