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Paula Abdul: The Definition of Grace and Class

Oh, Paula.

Is there anything sadder than this devastatingly un-funny send-up of the popular, successful, funny, sober woman who took your job? It’s just a bit of goodnatured ribbing with really poor timing, right? It doesn’t at all smack of bitterness.

Oh, Paula.

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  • In case the big “Divas” plastered on the stage didn’t give it away, this was during the VH1 “Divas” concert that aired Thursday night.

  • Wow, they really need to let Kelly go. Unless Beet’s goal is to have a weekend writer who just writes last weeks news?

  • Be nice… its not like there’s anything happening RIGHT NOW in entertainment news. Not like a big awards ceremony to report on or something along those lines….

  • I don’t get why people are just now complaining about stories that are old being written lately. That’s nothing new really. I mean, I doubt Beet cares how timely the stories are being reported here. One of her last updates was about how she cakes on clown like amounts of make-up on her face for Christ’s sake.

  • so, all shitty comments aside, kelly – i didn’t know this had happened. thanks for posting. and i’m a regular blog/celebrity reader.

    to comment on your post, itself. i felt like she did a mean imitation of Ellen and I truly think Ellen would have enjoyed watching. it actually made me think that Paula is pretty good at imitating people. and dancing. i forgot how good she is at dancing. i liked it. what else can she do. not say anything? not saying anything makes you look more pissed off than poking fun at the situation.

    i say, well-played, Paula. Ellen would approve. Now let’s see Ellen impersonate Paula.

  • Well, it’s obvious that no one cares that we keep commenting on how old the news is here. All she cares about is that we still keep clicking on. Of course if things don’t get any better, readership will fall off at some point.

  • That’s all i seen in the news today so i don’t understand how it is not current.. Kelly’s job is to write shit, not to make you guys happy, besides there’s no way to make everybody happy, ever, no matter what the issue is. You guys should be more respectful, i think.

    Anyways, back to the real issue, i think Paula is irritated and jealous. And i hope Ellen makes fun of her drunk ass, see how she likes it.