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No Bump in the Berry

A svelte and decidedly un-baby bumpy Halle Berry was a guest on the Jay Leno Show this past Thursday. We’ve all been speculating for some time that the baggy dresses and giant handbag camouflage she’s been using lately were signs that there was another impossibly gorgeous child on the way.

I think this dress puts those rumors to rest. Either that, or she’s got some sort of physics defying, tummy cinching body sock that squeezed that little fetus right back up into the fallopian tubes.

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  • I like Jay a lot. He seems like such a kind, nice man, and I just like him in general. I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV right now, but I tuned into his show a couple times this week to up his ratings.
    What was going on with Mel last night??

  • Hil-are you insane? What could possibly make you think she looks trashy? She is gorgeous and classy. One of Hollywoods truly beautiful women.

    • oh, i don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that her ass is barely covered?
      i’m not saying she isn’t beautiful, because she is, but to me, that outfit is not classy, it is trashy.