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Halle, Is There Something You’d Like To Tell Us?

Hale Berry

Every celeb has a right to privacy.  People are interested in the lives of the rich and famous though, so if you’re pregnant, and you want to keep that a secret, wear something baggy.  Then we can speculate that you just got fat after your last break up/movie flop/stint in rehab.  Seriously, do celebs think that placing an overpriced and oversized handbag in front of them in the most awkward way possible is going to diminish public conjecture?  If anything, I think they know that interest will increase.  And don’t celebs desperately crave that?

If I remember correctly, Halle never confirmed her first pregnancy — she hasn’t confirmed this one either, despite what Life & Style would have you believe.  Therefore, when this kid’s head is crowning, her rep will probably still be issuing “no truth to the rumor” statements.

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  • I don’t get why it’s such a big secret anyway. Who really cares? Are they afraid that they will be bombarded with congratulations and gifts?

  • I don’t blame them for not wanting to announce it to the world during the first trimester. I personally would only tell those who are close to me, even in real life– or on a need to know basis (i.e. boss, etc) just because the risk of miscarriage is so high.
    How bad would that have to suck to relive your miscarriage all over the front page of US Weekly and TMZ every week while they analyze everything you do for months to come… “Halle– 6mos later, still distraught over lost baby.”

    No thanks.

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