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Nicky Hilton Bobblehead Will Be On Shelves For Holiday Rush


Holy smokes!  Can someone please fly to Tokyo where Nicky Hilton is promoting her clothing line and cram about 17 sashimi rolls down her gullet?  I always have a skewed idea of people’s actual weight, but Nicky’s gotta be weighing in at about 105 pounds, no?  Seriously, be a hero, feed a Hilton!

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  • I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but…

    Sashimi can’t be a roll… sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish, on it’s own, without rice. A roll has rice and is just that, rolled.

    just fyi. *shrug*

  • i know this is a celeb gossip site, but does that mean we have to bash celebs any chance we get? Even when it’s unjustified, like now? Clearly Wendy is just a Bitter Betty, because as far as I can see, Nicky Hilton looks just fine. Yes, she is on the thin side, but I think that is her normal body type. She has some meat on her legs and hips and I think she looks healthy.

  • yeah, i am usually the first to be disgusted by skeletal celebrities, but i think nicky looks okay here. sure, she’s thin, but she doesn’t look bony or gross. in fact, she actually has thighs. =)

  • Come now, if Wendie was bitter she’d have said “Fuck, she’s a twig. She should look like me. A real woman. Fuck.”

    Ps. She has ginormous feet and those shoes+Pants make them look 100 times larger. I cant stop staring at her monster feet.

  • yes, some black or hot pink ballet flats would have been a much better choice over those drag queen shoes. heck, her hair looks dopey, too.

    yeah, Hautie, totally a drag version of a Bratz doll!

    Nicky isn’t Bony Marony. her bodyweight looks shapely and healthy, unlike her sister who has been appearing alarmingly anorexic lately. someone tell Paris that bony isn’t beautiful.

  • I see the manhands and horse feet are an integral part of the Hilton woman DNA. Can’t believe someone hasn’t told Nicky that wearing ginormous shoes gives her an equine look.

  • Until I looked up how tall she was, I was about to be pissed that Wendie did a weight estimate that isn’t that thin when combined with some heights. But no, she’s 5’7″.
    Of course, she should bring her height into the equation, because weight is often nothing without height. Unless you’re like obese, and have reached a weight that no one could have healthily without being the tallest person on record.