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Just Because

Did you guys watch the telethon the MDA telethon this weekend?  No telethon is complete without a liberal sprinkling of Charo and she didn’t disappoint.  

Best parts?  Well, homophobe Jerry Lewis — and yes, I will attach “homophobe” to every single article I ever write regarding JL — getting the most action his shriveled peen has seen in the past 25 years was pretty enjoyable (2:45), but my personal favorite snippet is Charo dancing with Stick Up Thy Ass woman (4:10).  

Happy Labor Day, folks!

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  • How old is this piece of work? She’s been in the US at least 50 years and I still can’t understand her accent. Has she been on dancing with the Stars? Got to admit, she can move it a lot faster than I can.

  • I just watched the whole thing and I thought they were going to have to hook old homophobe up to an iron lung. Ok so this is Canada and our health care system is a bit behind the time. I’m sure they have portable respirators in the US.

  • That was great!!! That brought bacl a lot of memories of when I was a kid and she was a big star. I loved to see her on The Love Boat. Thanks for that!!!

  • He may be an old fart who still spouts the hatred everyone did of his generation towards homosexuals but you can’t deny the money he has raised and the good he has done.

    I wonder what bad habits we will keep from our youth when we are 73 years old?

    • Totally agree. I would rather someone despise my lifestyle and help find a cure for a disease than support me totally and not lift a finger to help people. In this case, I think actions speak louder than words.

      Like, I hate bigots but I would totally give one a kleenex if they needed it in a hurry on the train.

  • i’m so glad i wasn’t the only one that caught this piece of amazement sunday night… sadly it was the most exciting part of my sunday night.

  • How nice of her to appear and ‘elp Yer-r-r-y, fight mooscular deestrophee! Gotta say, though, she’s still lookin’ pretty dang good for a 68 year-old lady (I realize there’s been some surgery done there, but still.).