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Kelly Preston Is Not Ready To Talk About Her Deceased Son


Kelly Preston was set to speak about her son Jett’s sudden death at the California Governor’s Conference that’s being hosted by Maria Schriver titled “Grief & Resilience”, but she pulled out of the panel and issued the following statement, “It is with my sincere apologies that I must pull out from speaking at [the] conference. I am sorry, but I truly believed that I could do it, otherwise I never would have said that I could. But I am still deeply in the process of healing, and it’s just too soon.”

The death of a child is said to be one of the most horrible things a person can encounter in life and while it would have been amazing if Preston could speak to her loss, it’s understandable that she’s uncomfortable making public statements at this time. Additionally, a great deal of controversy has surrounded the death of her son, with speculation that the parent’s religion, Scientology, prevented them from treating their son’s rumored autism the way that it needed to be treated. John Travolta, Kelly’s husband and the boy’s father, has always stayed quiet about his son’s condition and it wasn’t until the official documents associated with his son’s death were circulated in which he referenced Jett’s autism that these claims were made valid.

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  • I cannot imagine losing one of my children. How a parent is able to continue with that type of loss is beyond me. Their loss is tragic and I don’t blame her at all for being unable to talk about it.

  • Both my eldest brother and eldest sister had to bury a child. Trust me there is no greater grief.

    People lead you beleive you need to come out and discuss to help grieve. I say Bullshit. People just wanted morbid details to something they have no right to know.

    She did the best thing and classy.

    • I don’t think she was going to offer morbid details. The point of the conference was for grieving people to come together to try to learn how to cope with grief.
      I’m really sorry for your siblings. And your parents. As parents you feel things for yourselves and for your children. I can’t imagine feeling that loss for yourself and your children twice.

  • The first year is the worst. The first birthday, the first Christmas… The pain never really goes away but you don’t think you are going to die at any minute from the over whelming suffering.

    I think she just needs more time, but she probably will be able to help others later on.

  • :-( :-( 1000x.
    The Travolta Family has always been a very private family, never running around Hollywood like a bunch of freaks. I could care less about their religious beliefs. The loss of a child is unimaginable to me. Unimaginable. I feel sick for them everytime I read about their loss.

  • My family had just lost my dad when we heard about this conference. My mom and I were considering going. I was so surprised that she was going to speak at all. I was wondering how she was going to be able to offer insight into how to recover from something so devastating so soon. I’m glad she did what was right for her and pulled out.
    If I was her I’d crawl into bed and not get out again for another 10 years.