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Blink-182 Pays Tribute To Their Friend

Well, I got the memo yesterday that most of you are sick of the DJ AM coverage on the site the past couple of days, and I get it: You don’t know who he was, you don’t care who he was and he died of a drug overdose. However, there has been a reason behind all of the stories I’ve posted and that’s because we are a celebrity gossip site. We cover celebrities and their actions and interests, and DJ AM was at the heart of many celebrities lives. He was a friend and a co-worker, a confidant and system of support. Many of the people we talk about here every day have been affected by his loss, and the news reflects that. So, I will burden you with one more post and then after that I’m done unless any major news breaks on the story.

Last night Blink-182 continued their reunion tour in Hartford, CT. The whole band, but most notably Travis Barker had an extremely strong bond with AM and the two not only shared work, but they survived a plane crash together. At one point during the show, the band’s frontman Mark Hoppus paid tribute to his friend and let the audience know how hard it was for them to play that night. He concluded his tribute by holding a moment of silence in honor of his friend, and then the band went right in to playing one of their more recent hits “Down”.

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  • I appreciate the coverage. Thank you and keep it up. My friends were at the concert, a very touching moment.

  • It’s awful that someone who survived such a tragedy dies due to an overdose. I hope he found the peace he was seeking.

  • This is not our blog; it’s a blog we all like to read, sure, but it’s a place where Beet, Wendie, Kelly and Molls get to write about things that are important to them, too. So Molly and Beet, if you choose to write about your friend on this blog, I say go for it. I think it’s appalling that people have been so cruel and judgmental about this horrible tragedy–at the end of the day, Adam Goldstein was a son, a friend, and a man who wrestled with demons and who didn’t deserve to go out the way he did. Yeah, he made the choice, but I have to imagine that only someone in recovery from a serious drug addiction could really understand what making that choice must have felt like. I’m saddened by the story, and will continue to read whatever coverage you post.

    • I completely agree, I don’t normally look at the comments but I just went back and read some of them and I’m shocked how people are reacting to a few posts about a guy who all of the writers on this site seem to really care about. Although I’ve never followed DJ AM’s life I’m sure anyone who reads this site and other gossip bogs knows who he is. His death is going to have an impact on a lot of people that this site covers.

  • I have will never understand the need to say something completely hateful…. but sooner die than to say something positive.

    I enjoy this site… and I like the writing of all the girls here. And there should be no need to have to apologize to anyone about what you want to post here.

    But I would understand if you felt the need to moderate the posted replies. I much rather have that happen than have anyone alter your writing.

  • Anyone who would give you a hard timer eporting the death of a celebrity – ON A CELEBRITY BLOG – is a dick bag. Plain and simple.

  • You guys have to say “fuck ’em” once in a while… If there comes a story, that has a personal connection with all of you or even one of you; especially one as tragic as the suicide of DJ AM; who has been in the news for the past year with the tragic plane crash he was in with Travis Barker…well, I don’t see how shedding some personal stories, heartfelt feelings and insight as well as reporting the story, what is wrong with that… yeah, gossip site…don’t stop what you do, just say “fuck ’em”. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry people have responded negatively, he’s was very popular man on the music and club scene in NYC and LA. It’s a blog that covers entertainment, if the people in Omaha, and Dekalb are upset they can skip by a few articles the rest of the readers might be interested in reading. He was a ground breaker in many ways – just because you don’t know who he was or what he did that doesn’t mean that many more people do care.

    What is wrong with people?

    • Wow, Thats so sad. They can barely perform, and yet it’s their job to do so. I’m impressed. I’ve always loved Blink, but even now I’m impressed.

  • It’s sick that people are being rude about someones death.
    Out of all the deaths this summer, DJ AM’s was the one that really upset me the most. I wasn’t a friend, I didn’t know the guy personally, but I was a big fan, and I can relate to his story. Staying off drugs is not easy, and it’s so sad that people are just pushing him under the bus as an addict, when he fought so hard for NINE YEARS to stay sober.
    It’s so, so sad to think that just one little slip, and he’s gone forever.

    Beet, tell us everything you can about Adam, because I sure as hell want to hear it. He deserves to be recognized for the amazing work that he did.

  • I saw DJ AM in concert in Houston in early 2008. I love his mash-ups. He was brilliant at what he did. An amazing DJ and just a musical genius. I was very sad and shocked to hear of his death, especially after what he’s been through in recent years. I hope he found the peace he’s seeking.

    As for people writing hateful comments, shame on you. I had no idea that was going on. Just say fuck ’em Beet, Molls, Wendy, etc. This is your blog. Write what you want. And don’t apologize.

  • wait, he died on the 28th, they performed a show on the 30th, but canceled their show on the 31st citing his death as the reason? maybe they had to attend the funeral or something.. i was there for weezer though so it didn’t make any difference to me.