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Lily Allen in Elle UK

Say what you will about Lily Allen, I think she’s fierce. Not only does she do whatever she wants, but she always looks comfortable and like she’s having fun and that’s more than I can say about most people in the spotlight.

The video above was taken at Lily’s Elle UK shoot and features the stylists, photographer, make up artist and Lily herself (who at one point reaches in to the air and attempts to catch a fly with her bare hands– ballin’) and gives you a sneak peak of what’s to come in the magazine.

One part that I audibly giggled at was when Lily was asked who her London style icon was and she said “Um… Alexa Chung. No, I’m only joking.”

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  • I love, love, love her!! :) Think she’s the coolest ever because she just says what she wants to and behaves like she wants to.

  • I like her music. I think her lyrics are brilliant. I think her exploits are very exaggerated. It’s not the kind of publicity that she wants. When people listen too her speak on video tape it’s an entirely different personality that comes out. People should just listen to her music if they like her, & leave her alone if they don’t.

  • I don’t understand why so many people dislike her. Like the above person said her lyrics are brill and she’s just adorable!

  • Love. Her. ….uh, but did that photographer say she wasn’t just cool she was ‘uber’ cool?

    He should be fired.

  • I was kind of on the fence about molls, but her being a lily allen fan has officially tipped the balance. I ADORE lily allen.

  • No d.p. there’s more than enough evidence for you to hang yourself. (Translation:) People already know your a jerk. Just in case you decide to twist my words. Meanwhile Lily Allen”s concerts sell out she”s had a #1 single on the charts she plays major festivals. And you should really stop messing around with 12 year old boys.

    • Well said! :) I think Lily Allen is really talented and cool. She can look pretty if she wants but usually she just does her own thing and don’t care what other people think.

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  • I don’t agree with any thing she does or says, how she believes drugs should be legal frankly blows my mind. But I really like her music and that’s pretty much it because I can’t stand her as a person.

    • It isn’t written anywhere that Lily Allen said drugs should be legal. Although some people do think it’s a good idea. You’re confused, see she filed a lawsuit against a dutch publication called Revu, & a magazine called News of the world for writing that she encourages drug use. She won the lawsuit, and wrote on her twitter page that it was false information. She also has lawsuits against tabloid magazines because of things that she didn’t say. She takes on the press by going after court orders to keep the paparazzi away, and she lets people know that the tabloid stories are 98 percent rubbish (that’s on video tape. just enjoy her music o.k.?

  • I adore her. She’s honest about who she is and says/does whatever she wants. Can’t blame a girl for being herself among people who are too cowardly to do the same.

  • “Not only does she do whatever she wants, but she always looks comfortable and like she’s having fun”

    that’s because she’s always either stoned, high or wasted. girl has issues. that isn’t fierce. that’s fucked.

  • She’s not stoned high or wasted. You don’t see it you can’t prove it (nobody can) she has a better attitude than you do &… you’re an idiot.