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La Toya Jackson Found a Dinner Date That Looks Her Age!

Larry and La Toya

La Toya Jackson dined out at Spago in Beverly Hills last night with Larry King and his wife. How the two wound up eating is beyond me and everyone else, but wether it was business or pleasure, the two caused a stir with the paps when exiting the eatery together. Now what the hell could the three of them have to talk about?

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  • Michael Jackson, of course. Then singing – Larry King’s wife is apparently a country singer and LaToya Jackson has sung in this country.
    Also, LaToya Jackson gave Larry King a message to take to Michael Jackson because Larry King plans on meeting up with MJ in a few weeks. (yeah, I’m going to hell for that (and other indiscretions).

  • As far as I know larry king and his wife shawn seem to be friends with most of the jackson family. Shawn and Jermaine Jackson are doing some MJ tribute together in Vienna and they seem to be close friends.

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