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Quentin Tarantino: Brad Pitt is a Stoner


Quentin Tarantino was on Howard Stern’s show yesterday to talk about his movie, Inglourious Basterds.  He shared entirely too much information about the movie’s star, Brad Pitt.  To recap:  Pitt admits to being a former pot smoker, but claimed to have given it up once he became a dad.  Yeah, he lied — kinda like when he told Wife #1 that he was “just friends” with Angelina Jolie.  I totally believe Tarantino’s version of this story even though I’m not a huge QT fan — well, not since his non-speaking part as an Elvis impersonator during Season 4 of The Golden Girls.  Here’s a transcript of part of his conversation with Howard which, incidentally, this is a great site if you want to see what transpired on Stern’s show and you don’t have satellite radio:


Howard asked if Angelina had come home while he was visiting with Brad. He said that she was in the hospital at the time having twins. Howard asked if they have help there at their house because Brad and Angelina claim they don’t. Quentin said they do have friends that help them out.

Quentin said he was at Brad and Agelina’s until about 3 in the morning. Howard asked if he ever worried that he was annoying them by staying so late. Quentin said that he had flown all the way to France to visit them so he didn’t think that would come up.

Quentin said that things eventually ended and he went to his hotel. He said that Brad had this big brick of hash and he was going to give him some for the night. He said that Brad whipped out a knife and cut up a big sliver for him and the stuff was pretty good. He said that he asked for a pipe to go with it and Brad handed him a Coke can to use instead. Quentin said that would make for a great scene in a movie and he may have to use that.

Quentin said that he doesn’t get paranoid when he smokes hash. He said that he does with pot though. Howard said he would get paranoid if he smoked that stuff and he’d have to run out of the room if he did. Quentin said that people can bond by doing stuff like that and he really doesn’t get paranoid smoking hash. Howard wondered why that is because he gets paranoid on either one.

So, you know, whatever, Brad Pitt’s a pot head who likes to keep a brick of hash hanging around the house.  I always thought he was a stoner when he was with Jen, so this isn’t a huge revelation, but I’m sure Brad is just so appreciative that Tarantino is sharing the deets of how they sparked one up.  

More importantly, what will happen when Angie finds out?

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  • Take one look at Angelina Jolie, think about her history, and then tell me with a straight face she doesn’t get high.

  • My girl just told me that I was the only one in Washington, DC that didn’t smoke weed. He has alot of company.

  • I also think she is a user. As long as someone is watching the brewd who cares. California is on the crux of making it legal. Good way to knock out the drug czars, repair the economy and keep another libation under regulation.

    Dude its a win win.

    If not she will punish him by buying another baby from her baby island.

  • I am so sick of hearing about how Brad Pitt gets high!

    First of all, if this were any other parent in American Child Protective Services would be called because it’s not safe to have drugs or druggies near children.

    When I was in middle school, one of my friend’s parents were caught with marijuana and my friend was taken away from her parents. And she lived with relatives until everything was cleared up. It was pretty upsetting for the family.

    It’s so unfair how he can freely discuss illegal things he does without any repercussions. Similar to this scenario, whenever I see famous underage celebrities going into clubs and bars, I think about how illegal it is. For example, Lindsay Lohan was seen going into clubs and drinking before she was 21 and she never got caught – even if there were pics of her in clubs with alcohol. If any other minor was caught like that, they would have gotten in legal trouble.

    • They get off easily with DUIs and other drugs as well. Look at Michael Douglas’ son… he was given probation for the shitload of drugs he had or was selling or whatever he did with them. If it were a non-celebrity/”normal” person they would have gone to jail. It’s ridiculous.

  • Eh, so he sparks a bowl? So what. I go back and forth between wanting marijuana legalized, and having it outlawed. However, I will always be for medical marijuana; it’s far better than getting someone hooked on narcotics and benzodiazapenes, which have very real consequences in long term use.

  • I really hope people will start to realise that you can smoke pot and not be some horrible, irresponsible person.
    Also smoking pot does NOT always lead to other drugs as much as “they” would like you to think it does. So many of my friends smoke and don’t do any other drugs, one of my friends even smokes and doesn’t drink.
    People need to stop portraying pot heads as evil druggies and actually meet some of them. Actually I would bet anything that nearly everyone in the world knows someone who smokes pot and most of the time they wont even know it.

    I say mad props to Pitt if he steps up and admits he still does it.

      • I can just imagine them lighting up together hehe.

        Most cultures have some history of smoking/eating/licking things that alter your state of mind and it has not always been perceived as a bad or even evil thing to do.
        I think a lot of peoples anti drugs stances come from not actually understanding anything about the drugs and the creation of man made chemical drugs, which are the ones that really can fuck up your life.
        Also I’m so sick of seeing people “trip out” when they smoke weed on tv/movies, that is not what happens at all, case in point The Simpsons episode “Homer Smokes Weed” well so very, very funny most of what happens to him when he smokes it is not true (apart from the fingers thing with Otto) though I’m pretty sure the writers know that hah.

        I wish more famous people and people in power would own up to smoking, because damn it you know so many of them do, then maybe people will see weed a little differently and realise it doesn’t have to be something that ruins your life and makes you a bad person.

    • Word! I am what I like to call a “productive” pot head. I smoke weed, but I also go to work every day & keep my shit together. I was high when I got my job & I’m usually high during work. No one knows the difference, like I tell everyone who asks me how I can get high & work- my job has never known me any other way. Just because someone smokes a little weed, doesn’t make them bad. As long as you get your shit done & ain’t smokin around kids it’s all good.

  • It is what it is. I do not give a shit about Brad, his wife, or Quentin, what they do, what they do not do. Was it cool for Q to say what he did? That is a question that can be debated for fucking eternity and there will never be a definitive (or correct) answer. From the moment any of us began interacting with other beings and revealing our personal shit that is the day we all learned to never trust any one. Brad is 45 and he hasn’t learned that lesson yet? He smokes, he doesn’t smoke, Q was cool, Q was uncool? Who the fuck cares? Live your lives, do what you want, everyone else will do the same. Life is measured in seconds (if that). It is to short to waste time bitching. Lets wait until we all fucking die and then we will have all of eternity to spend trying to figure it out.

  • this is to joy.

    honestly who the hell cares if he decides to smoke a bit of hash honestly he takes care of his damn kids hes a good dad and a good person so stop bitching and dont make him out to be a bad parent before you look at the shit youve done you make your self look all high and mighty when you probably are not so before you look down on someone look at yourself before hand because he most likely a better person then you

  • this is for joy.

    babe what the hell is your problem brod he is a good father so what he decides to smoke some hash does he neglect his duty as a father no he works his ass off for his family so dont look down on him. you think your all high and mighty but your not youve probably doen worse things then he has so before you go off and bad mouth the man make sure that your hands are if there not then shut the fuck up because your no one to judge him hes better then you

    • I NEVER said he was a bad person. But I do think it is very stupid and neglectful to do any type of drug when you have lots of young children around. It is PROVEN that drugs impair a person’s judgment – hence why it is illegal. I DO think it is stupid that he and his friends go around talking about it all the time on network tv. That is just stupid, if you are doing something illegal would you talk about it openly? I definitely wouldn’t, especially if it meant that your kids can be taken from you. (Which is the usual case for any parent who does drugs near kids.) But since he is Brad Pitt, he can do and talk about stuff without repercussion – and this is what I have a problem with. Just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean you are above the law.

      • Give me a fucking break lady booze is legal and destroys far more live than pot ever could. Do a bong hit and shut your dramatic shit up DAMN!

      • Alcohol is abused more than marijuana because it is legal. There is more opportunity for people to get alcohol. If marijauna were legal and more accessible, you would see a sharp increase of marijuana related incidents.

        I will not shut up when it comes to defending my opinions. And I can state my opinions more eloquently than you! Oh your cursing at me, how effective!

        Secondly, why is it so bad to consider the children? Why are they so irrelevant to you? If more people actually cared about their kids maybe there wouldn’t be so many problems with the youths.

        The guy had a brick of hash in his house. A place where his young kids eat, play, and sleep. What if one of the kids ingested it? As a parent, you have to think about your actions and how it will affect your kids.

      • You know nothing about pot.
        Get on your whaaaaaaambulance and take that shit to the Parent magazine page.

        Im sick of you freaking copter parents crying about your god damn kids all the time forcing everyone else who doesnt have god damn kids to listen to your crap and getting the fucking “gub’ment” to regulate shit that aint none of your business.

        If people were worried about Anjie Joes god damn kids they would have never let her heroine loving brtoher fuckin ass adopt the first child.

        Whaaaaaaa “Oh the poor chillruns” whaaaaaa whaaaaaaa

      • To Whaa Whaa

        First of all, I do not have kids. But I work for an organization that deals with kids who are neglected and abused by parents. And guess what: most of those kids’ parents were on drugs.

        Secondly, just because you smoke pot doesn’t mean you know about it. Do you have any idea the effect it has on your brain? Why don’t you do some research on it before you talk shit.

        Thirdly, the role of the government is to protect and serve it’s population. The best way to protect us is to regulate and make laws.

        Fourthly, the statement was said about Brad – not Angelina Jolie. I don’t know if she does drugs now. But her friends haven’t openly discussed it with the media. and if she does do drugs, then yes, i think her kids should be taken from her until she quits.

      • marijuana is easily accessible. a responsible adult would put the brick of hash somewhere where the kids couldn’t have access to it. just like a responsible adult keeping a gun where a child couldn’t have access to it.

      • firstly, as the person below said, that is not why it’s illegal. if it was illegal because it impairs a person’s judgement then alcohol would be illegal two. secondly, he doesn’t go around “talking about it all the time on network t.v.” he mentioned it ONCE on bill maher’s show. thirdly, it’s not illegal to talk about using marijuana and how exactly would these repercussions be dealt to mr. pitt? him mentioning that he smoked pot in the past isn’t exactly grounds for the cops to show up and search his house.

  • All I could think of when this story came out earlier today was that line from Friday when Ice Cubes mom is bustin his chops, ” Why you got to lie Craig?”

    If this isnt a prime example of how fucked up stars try to sell you an image to get asses in movie theater seats I dont know what is! He has been pandering to the mom jeans brigade so long he had to cover up that he is still down witht he mean green. Thats stupid. Mean while he can enjoy the herb while people like us are still suffering from the bull shit “war on drugs” and cant even find decent schwag to puff.

    Personaly I think this dude is worn the fuck out and Id like him to get out of our faces for a while. TRADER! Back your brother stoners up and call for it to be legal. Asshole man!

  • Umm why has no on commented on this?:

    “Howard asked if Angelina had come home while he was visiting with Brad. He said that she was in the hospital at the time having twins.”

    Why was Brad at home smoking up with Quinten, when Angelina was in hospital giving birth to her twins?

    Have I misinterpreted?

    • Because that bitch sucks! She had the babies removed she didnt push them out. She had her face lift done at the same time so the twins were prolly already ordering around the nurses.

      Brad wasnt needed lol

  • I do not think that pot should be legalized. It would then prolly become easily accesible to children, who shouldn’t even be around it at all. What if someone bought their marijuana and it was laced with something like cocaine?

    • are you dumb? if it was legalized its production would be completely under the supervision of the government and subject to testing and regulation checks, meaning that it couldn’t be laced with anything.. and it’s not like anyone would be handing pot out free at corner stores. does anyone do that with alchohol? no. the regulation process would almost exactly the same