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Michael Jackson’s Doctor Speaks Out

Dr. Conrad Murray, the dude who is under major scrutiny with the LAPD regarding the death of Michael Jackson, has finally released a statement.  Some of you young whippersnappers might not know this, but there used to be something called a press conference.  A bunch of reporters would gather with microphones and cameras whenever a notable had a statement to make.  They would record and stream to a television satellite.  No. Longer.  Now it’s all about Twitter and web cams.

Murray read off a teleprompter recorded a one-minute video that he posted on YouTube as a means of reaching out and expressing gratitude to all of his supporters while proclaiming his faith in justice.  He totally got this idea from Chris Brown and he’s about as convincing.

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  • Oh, Wendie — I just adore your way around depression era colloquialisms. “Whippersnapper” is such a C. Montgomery Burns thing to say.

    You rapscallion, you!

  • If your not guilty of anything why can’t you call your friends…? I think he’s just trying to get sympathy before he gets ass raped by the Jackson family (probably a civil suit) and/or the state of California.

  • He deserves everything he gets (the bastard). I hope they fix him up real good because he shouldn’t even be called a doctor. If he was he would have warned someone about mj’s problem. It’s as if he killed one of my family members.

  • isabel — It’s like Murray “killed one of your family members”? I’m amazed, I simply cannot grasp sentiments like that from a fan unless you actually were contractually obliged to bare his children.

  • *bear, sorry ’bout that. But the verb “bare” sure had thigh-slappingly funny paedophilic connotations, huh?