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Halle Berry

I actually kind of hate the pregnancy guessing game.  Sometimes celebs just linger a little too long at the cheese plate — it’s not always about reproducing.  And the media’s idea of a “baby bump” is my idea of “goal abs”.  Anyway, I have played the game myself a few times.  I’m feeling kind of jaded since I totally felt Nicole Kidman was knocked up and then she never presented a fetus.  

But Halle Berry … she makes some amazing looking children.  She turns 43 tomorrow and now there are rumblings that she’s pregnant again.  The picture above was taken yesterday as she entered her doctor’s office (and if that’s considered a baby bump, I’ll kill myself now).  The gallery photos are all pics of Halle taken over the past six weeks or so.

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  • I kinda feel gross agreeing with you on all particulars, but I also felt burned when Nicole Kidman wasn’t pregnant and am also hoping Halle is. I’m sure she’ll announce if/when she feels comfortable doing so – at 43, spotted at fertility clinics, she’s likely waiting until the miscarriage risk is lower.

  • Ummm….Am I the only one who thinks 43 is waaaay too old to be having kids? She probably wouldn’t have had to go to a fertility clinic if she would’ve started 20 years earlier.
    It’s science.

    • I agree with you in the sense that 43 would be waaaay to old for me to have a kid, but some people don’t have any other option unfortunately. Opportunity doesn’t always present itself at the opportune time. Personally, if i got preggo at 43, i’d take a long walk on a short wharf with some size 14 cement shoes…but again, that’s just me and my life plan, not knocking other people out there!!!

    • FWIW, I had a baby at that age–no fertility treatments, no pregnancy complications, no drugs during the delivery. And my baby was (and is) perfectly healthy. So 43 is not necessarily waaaay too old. It’s life.

      • you’re right CJ. i know a lot of people who had kids in their 40’s. and they were all fine. It’s not the the health respect that concerns me. For me it’s wanting my family to be grown up somewhat when I retire. Like I said, just part of my life plan :)

      • There are and always will be cases like yours. What I mean is, and the statistics have my back on this, a woman’s body is more equipped to bear children earlier than 43. Hence, “child-bearing” years.

        The risk of cancer, heart-disease, stroke, etc. all go up after 40. I’m not suggesting that a 35 yr old mother won’t be hit by a car tomorrow or that a 15 yr old is mentally equipped to raise children. I just don’t think it’s fair to have children that late when the likelihood of health problems puts you at risk to leave behind a young child if anything should, god forbid, happen to you.