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Anna Faris Marries, No One Notices


House Bunny’s Anna Faris has been engaged to that Chris Pratt dude — the one who had the pleasure of co-starring with Mischa Barton on the O.C. — since 2008.  As it turns out, they actually got married over a month ago in Bali.  Which could mean one of two things:  Their people were completely masterful at orchestrating a secret ceremony or no one really cared.

In April, Beet mentioned that the Anna of today looks nothing like the Anna of before.  I planned on including an “Anna My, Hasn’t Your Face Changed? Faris” photo gallery, but the agency that had the best vintage Anna photos, wasn’t cooperating with me today.  Like there will every be another time that any gossip blogger is going to want to download 31 pictures of Anna Faris’ face.

Anyway, suffice it to say, she does look like a completely different human being.  Congrats to Chris Pratt and his robo-bride!

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  • He was on The O.C., but that was after they killed Marissa off, so he never actually got the pleasure of working with her.

  • I seem to remember them getting married and some Hawaii photos, the thing about Anna is she’s not out doing the club, shopping on Robertson, going to parties for phones and energy drinks thing. She seems to live a quiet life and not bring much attention to her real life. The thing is she seems to be stuck in a certain type of comedy movie, which is probably a good living but it must be frustrating not to be considered for some more challenging roles.

    • You do realize that the pic from the article is her at some T-Mobile Sidekick event, right? I agree she’s not in the spotlight as much, it’s just funny that you specifically cited her not going to phone parties, but that’s what she’s doing in the main pic for this article, lol.

  • I remember hearing about the wedding a little while ago, although I can’t recall where.
    Besides that, I LOVE Anna! She’s so adorable. :’D

  • I don’t think she’s had any work done. She just has blonde hair now ( which is her natural color, you can tell by how pale she is. Well, you could, but she’s also had some mystic tan.)

  • I love Anna!! She never gets enough credit either, considering how much funnier she is than famous funny actresses like sarah silverman.