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“I worked very hard on that book. I tested and retested those recipes for eight years so that everybody could cook them. And many, many people have. I don’t understand how she could have problems with them. She just must not be much of a cook.”

Julia Child, as quoted in a new article in the LA Times, discussing Julie Powell and her blog, The Julie/Julia Project. The blog was turned into a book which has been turned into a movie, Julie & Julia, now in theaters. But Julia Child apparently didn’t think much of Julie Powell’s blog when it was originally presented to her, years ago, by the author of the LA Times article. (Out of respect, he says, he didn’t quote her on this while she was still alive.)

Sheesh, Julia. You should watch me try to cook Kraft macaroni and cheese. I may as well be splitting the atom. God forbid I attempt something as complex as pancakes, let alone anything out of any of your cookbooks.

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  • Julia Child had a wicked sense of humor. I bet she as joking. And if not, I still laughed. Cool that she was still alive at the time the blog came out. Didn’t realize that.

  • I’ve read the book and seen the movie. I have to agree, Julie Powell is a little annoying. No one would have still even heard of her had she not latched on to Julia the way she did. The movie would have been spectacular had it just been a Julia Child biopic. I didn’t expect much from Meryl Streep, but she was dead on, and so funny as Julia. They really could have just left the whole Julie part out of it.
    Julia Child is a legend and there will never be anybody quite like her.

  • That was a good article what with the new insight it provides. Thank you. I also wish it would have been a Julia bio, no Julie needed, with a larger look at Julia’s life.

  • Im a pretty good cook and Ive come to the conclusion that cook books do not help people who cannot cook. Ive gifted friends with cook books and it just does not help. Ive assisted them and it just does not help. You really have to be naturally inclined and interested in cooking because it can be painstaking and arduous.

  • Julia Child was obnoxious. How fitting that the equally obnoxious Meryl Streep portrayed her. I wouldn’t be surprised if that eight pound slab of meat on that table didn’t come off that bitches ass.