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Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant and Already Pimping Out the Child


Holy hell, I can’t even cope this with. Kourtney Kardashian — you know, the Kardashian sister that’s not the really famous one or the tranny one — is pregnant. She’s due around Kristmas Christmas. She won’t say who the dad is, although rumors are she’s back together with her former flame, Scott Disick (she won’t confirm that).

The only thing she’ll say is that interested parties will have to watch her new show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, which debuts Sunday on E!. (And, if you can believe it, E! Online broke the story. HOW DID THEY EVER GET A SCOOP LIKE THAT?)

But here’s what just kills me — she says she’s due around Christmas. That means she’s around four-and-a-half months pregnant. She claims she found out she was pregnant while they were filming this series. So basically she knew, and her family knew, and the entire E! crew knew, but they were all keeping it a big giant secret so that it could be announced the week before her series aired and generate a shitload of publicity for the show. This baby is still in utero and they’re already plotting ways to make it profitable. Just sayin’.

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  • This is how Armenians work it out. :) Hahah, they always love to pimp it out, even if it worthless news.

    Other than that, she is less annoying than Kim and I like her most out of the whole “Kardassian” bunch.

  • Whats wrong with these people? Just because they are wealthy and on TV it’s OK to be an unwed mother. The morals they display are sickning. I have 2 daughters and believe me this is not an example I want them to be like. Most of these Hollywood starlets (or what they call themselves) are producing another round of children for our future that will believe they are entitled to everything. As for Momma Kris, I would not be running around all happy & glee about this but then again she is a frigging kook.

  • This is definitely a weird bit of news to bring out when for so long the premise of the show was for the sisters to find love, booze, sex, etc. It will put a damper on the show to see Kourtney sober up, grow up, and fatten up. And it’s not like we don’t know who the man responsible is. snooze…..

  • E! got the exclusive because the preggo girl works for E! but doesn’t know how to work the media. I can’t believe all the reality show twats on E! are getting pregnant.
    LOL! Kendra and Kourtney get their reality show as fun sexy single girls AND THEN THEY ALL GET PREGNANT! Haha, I don’t know why but I think it’s pretty funny.