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Lauren Conrad Dreams of Producing


Remember that book –L.A. Candy was the name, and it spent a moment, terrifyingly enough, at the top of the N.Y. Times Bestseller list — that The Hills’ Lauren Conrad “wrote”?  It looks like her story may be made into a movie.

Lauren admits to hoping for a movie deal and is said to be weighing her options.  She has options?  There is more than one homeless, IV drug user that’s interested in this project?  It’s at a level of making a pros and cons list to see which way to go with it?  If this doesn’t kill Beet, nothing will.

I’m trying to think of what actors would agree to star in a Lauren Conrad production?  I think it’s safe to say that this would be a Lifetime Television project, so that leaves Tori Spelling, Jodie Sweetin, and that chick from the show Life Goes On as contenders.

In the meantime, Conrad is “working” on a sequel.  “It picks up where the first left off. I signed a three-book deal, so this is all part of the same story. The second book will be more dramatic than the first. It’s a relief, because I didn’t have to worry about character introductions.”  Lauren Conrad having firsthand knowledge of character development is about as likely as Josh Duggar getting arrested for solicitation.

Thankfully, we are not alone in thinking that Lauren isn’t cranking out these literary masterpieces by herself.  Former Laguna Beach co-star Kristin Cavallari recently said, “Lauren says she wrote it, but I don’t know.  Writing a book is not so easy.” 

Lauren’s response:  “I wrote my book, and I don’t really feel the need to defend it. I’ve been writing forever. I have never written anything professionally before, so this was a big step for me. [Writing] was always my best subject in school, and it’s something I’ve always loved to do.”

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  • I don’t understand why it’s hard to believe she wrote it… She’s not Megan Fox, and therefor harbors enough intelligence to hold a pen to paper. It may have taken some time… and she may have gotten A LOT of help from editors etc… but I believe it’s her work… (more or less).

  • Uh I’ve seen her say in an interview that she came up with the characters and plot and people helped her through the actual writing process…

    • Yeah, and I dont know if it’s the light… her hair looks like a wig!

      Plus, who else has seen her book cover image? I’ve definitely seen it on a webshots-like site, and DEFINITELY on a Hallmark card! Hah! lame.

  • Kristin Cavallari seems very jealous of Lauren Conrad. She’s jealous of all the popularity and attention she’s gotten over the years.

  • The only thing she can “produce” is shit. The shit that spews from her mouth, the shit that spews from her ass. Someone Please flush her, and spray.

      • Hey if your gonna tell me to go f.. myself at least give me the pleasure of your name. Be a man/woman and don’t go and hide behind the internet’s vail. wuss.

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  • why do i feel like they already made this movie… but in parts…. called the hills….