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Kill Me Now: Lauren Conrad’s Book Is a Best-Seller


The “novel” that Lauren Conrad “wrote,” L.A. Candy, is the #1 book on the NY Times Bestseller list for the second week since its June 16th release.

In equally wonderful news, Miley Cyrus’s book, Miles to Go, rings in at #7.

Fittingly, a novel called Scat took the #10 spot.

With all this success, keep your eyes open for Lauren’s sophomore novel, which will be a completely fictional story about a former reality TV star who decides to write a book. And also look out for my debut novel, which will be an equally fictional story about a blogger who cries herself to sleep every night because Lauren Conrad has a bestselling novel and she is still writing about Lauren Conrad’s goddamn bestselling novel.

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  • I can relate to this right now, maybe we can organize some kind of group suicide T_T
    + on equally good news, kate moss (yes as in kate moss the skeleton) good a cook book deal …

    we live in a crazy world.

  • People will buy anything. Look at the top selling albums/singles. Most are garbage (much like LC’s book) but people buy it.

    Does having integrity keep you warm at night? I know that doesn’t spice up a resume as much as “best selling author” but…. ok, I suck at pep talks. So yeah, integrity. Work that.

  • WHO THE FUCK ACTUALLY BUYS BOOKS? Especially shit by Lauren “Bubble nose, only half my teeth show when I smile” Conrad.

  • Ew! Best selling!? What’s there to read!? I wanna know who’s reading the Lauren Conrad book!!!!

  • Well, this is a #1 book in the Children’s Chapter Book category, whatever the “F” that means.
    I guess I just don’t understand why a book about “hot clubs and cute guys” is doing in a children’s book category. Anyone?

  • i told you beet, i terminated a friendship with a girl who bought that book. consider it my contribution to your book deal. i’ll read it if you’ll write it. lauren conrad, on the other hand…well she won’t read it because she probably can’t.

    • friends don’t let friends read books by lauren conrad! it should be a bumpersticker.

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  • i work part-time in a bookstore, and that LA candy book looks heinous, what my coworkers and i call a “beach book.” a beach book is a crappy paperback people buy on vacation, read at the beach and then leave on the plane because they don’t want to be seen carrying it. it really bugs me that celebrity novels are published when there are so many beautfiful, talented writers who will never get that kind of exposure. my bookstore has readings, and sometimes we get an amazing author who has written a great book, gives a lovely reading and then we never hear about them again.

  • i agree with quirkygirlkitten. her book was a best-seller because SHE WAS THE STAR OF THE HILLS not because she could actually write. Hello, she hardly evens reads. I heard rumors it was a “co- partnership”, the other person just doesnt seem to get the credit.

    Lauren Conrad was a spoiled brat with a bunch of money. You’d think that with that money she’d at least donate some or something but no, spends it all on her designer clothes and her expensive lifestyle.

    LC you suck!

  • Wow! Some jealous haters up in here what are u guys doing so great with your lives???? I can never hate on someone making more money than me. Lauren is a good role model she doesn’t do drugs she’s not dressing slutty or getting plastic surgery because she doesn’t like her nose or boobs she’s just trying to make something of herself. Congrats lauren in getting your bestseller book for 14 weeks in a row! To become a movie deal! Congrats LC!!!!!!!.