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Joe Jackson at BET Awards: Doing Fine, Plugs New Company

 You just can’t judge how people deal with their grief, I guess.  Joe Jackson, father of Michael, appeared at the BET Awards last night and was happy to let everyone know that the Jackson family is doing fine — great, actually.  This CNN interview reminded me of one of those old SNL skits. 

My modern-day re-write:

CNN:  “Joe, I know the past few days have been tough.”   

Joe:    “Uh?  Tough.  Yeah, tough.  That’s the ticket!”

CNN:  “The circumstances surrounding Michael’s death have been tragic.”

Joe:     “Tragic?  But I have a new production company! (Lawyer whispers in his ear)  Oh, yes, it’s very tragic.  But we’re all doin’ great!”

At the three-minute mark, Joe gets across the message that seems to be closest to his heart.  He announces hisnew record label, Ranch Records — distributed with Blu-Ray technology, guys! — and takes time to mention that his recent wedding anniversary is the first that Michael ever showed up for.

After the jump, Janet’s short but decidedly more heartfelt tribute to her brother. 

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  • I think that interview shows that he would rather promote his record label than mourn the death of his son, it also shows the man that made michael the messed up person that he was…

  • I think it’s disgusting that they both were at the awards. What a fame-whoring family they are.

  • Couldn’t watch the whole Joe interview, was too hysterical, too ‘out there’; “uhhh yes, my son…. uh, Michael”… loved the Janet one with the Jamie Foxx duet; good stuff; noticed that all the pics were of the ‘pre-child molesting, plastic surgery, skin bleaching” Michael.

  • I’m disgusted with the fact that Joe Jackson seems to be feeling NO sadness about the passing of HIS OWN SON, and for a time, meal ticket. Janet’s comments, however, were touching. I hope that she’ll eventually find peace with the situation.

  • I’ve do believe that as soon as MJ was 18 he cut Joe loose, Joe hated him because he was not getting his cut of the management fees, or royalties, I think that MJ always felt he had been ripped off by his father. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about MJ, which maybe because of his strange sexual compulsions but Joe is looking for money, and doesn’t care at all that MJ is dead, not in the least. It was very interesting. Especially the record company promotion, stay classy Joe!

    I felt sorry for Janet, she seems to have at least cared that he died, but really, icon, he owed everyone money, he was careening into bankruptcy, and was a financial weasel. I hope he’s enjoying the heat.

    • Jinxy, good take on the character of Joe Jackson. I am in agreement. However, what does MJ’s recent financial situation have to do with his musical legacy, and the profound impact it has had and will continue to have on generations past and to come? It is so sad that some would like to negate his past and very ground -breaking accolaids, becasue of financial, legal, and personal woes: things that we would not even be privy to and in a position to pass judgement on, if he were a regular citizen like you and me. Hell, you would probably be upset if someone told you that you were a bad parent because you had aweful credit or had been divorced, right? My point: What does one have to do with the other. MJ is STILL an icon. History dictated that.

  • I think his true feelings about his son were seen when he said something like “yes its very tough, the worlds biggest star has died”. Anyone family member who cared about michael as a person would have said something about losing THEIR SON not the worlds biggest star. Its sad that for michaels entire life his father considered him no more than a star who could make him money.

    • I thought it was just me wondering why no one in his family is referring to him as a son or brother. None of it seems personal. Then there are these so call “attorneys” for the family giving their press interviews to anyone who will listen.

      And then I see Joe out there shilling his new company on the red carpet… which I wonder exactly how long it has been in business. Maybe since friday afternoon?

      And the recent announcement from Joe laying claim to MJ’s estate. Please tell me that there is at least a will. And the only people that benefit from any of it is his children.

  • I felt for Janet, she really seemed heartfelt and obviously loved her brother. But I can’t believe Joe didn’t even refer to MJ as ‘my son’, just a ‘star’, which I is how he probably saw him. As a money making machine. I watched MJ interview with Oprah earlier and it was so sad. His childhood was obviously fucked up and I don’t think the poor thing ever really had the chace to grow up properly at all.

    But I hope his siblings and his mother are doing all right.

  • His dad is the reason he cut up his face. He used to tell Micahel when he was a child “Your nose is ugly, your face is ugly, your pimples ar ugly, you’ve got a big ugly nose!” And the laugh at him. It scarred him like crazy obviously.

  • Well this makes you understand why Michael was effed up. Even in death, he is a commodity to his own family. Everyone is lining up for their piece of the pie.

  • It’s true that everybody grieves differently. After the death of my father, everybody in my family reacted differently.
    My mom cries, my brother broods, I have panic attacks and obsessively paint lamps.

    I am not, however, using my father’s death to try to sell the lamps.

  • I sincerely hope that your new production company fails Joe. For God’s sake at least refers to Michael as your son (well a commodity to you I guess) didn’t you ever hear his cry?

  • that was so sad. you can tell his dad could give two shits about Michael…I mean, he passed away Thursday right? 4 days ago? shouldn’t you be distraught at the fact you have to bury your child? no matter what age? so sad…no wonder Michael turned out so strange…poor thing was always just a commodity to his father….i have to say Janet’s tribute was much better, you could see the feelings are still very raw for her. rip mj

  • He is a true sociopath who prostituted his children, and they were lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have the talent and wherewithall to maintain a career. He beat his children, scared the hell out of them and had no love for them unless he could profit from them. He is a sick sick man.

  • It’s clearly visible that Joe Jackson had no feelings for hes son and now he sees dollar signs in hes eyes. I fear for MJ’s kids that they will be fucked up by Joe Jackson.

    I wish the judge dealing with this is someone with brains and gives restraining order for Joe Jackson and gives the sole responsibility of the children to the grandmother.

    Joe Jackson is childbeater, wifebeater and opportunist.

  • Joe Jackson, with “his best interests at heart”, three days after Michael Jackson’s death, didn’t waste any time to be at the red carpet at BET Awards.
    Quite frankly, he seemed fairly detached to me.
    With all due respect that I reserve for elderly people, that promoting business was out of proportion and inappropriate.
    Every article coming out about Michael’s life and death does not hide the fact that his father was a brutal disciplinarian, and that Michael’s childhood was an abusive one.
    That episode alone showed the whole world what Joe Jackson is about it.
    Callous, disrespectful and greedy old man. He is 80 years old for Christ Sake! It was horrifically to watch the detached and abusive old-fart, switching gears, without shame to promote his record company. As I watched it, words fall me.
    Michael Jackson-Peaceful be your Next Journey.

  • joe jackson doesn’t even know he is why micheal is gone…last night seeing him at the awards and janet all dressed in her white clothing….white ????
    what a sick family…poor michael…poor poor little boy…
    no one can support ranch records…everyone needs to stay away from anything the family tries to do for $$$….and the kids oh my God…how scarry.!!!

      • I think it was only meant as white are not really clothes people who mourn wear but black is the appropriate attire. I personally do not see what difference it makes what color you wear. Mourning is mourning no matter what clothes you have on.

  • Well, I hope Ranch Records isn’t a way to syphon money
    from Michael’s estate to himself. ( As in hide some of those
    millions. )

    It does seem like a lot of work to start a record label at the age of 80 !

    Of course this would never happen. Shame on me !

  • Poor poor michael, he’s in a better place now. How sad that he had a father like joe. R.I.P MJ.

  • I hope Joe Jackson will burn in hell…’s obvious that he has a cold heart so he definatley will fit in.
    God Bless Michael and his children

  • How really sad this is. You know deep down this man is happy the way thing are going. Poor Micheal, no wonder he was such a mess with a father like that. I hope you are in a better place now Michael, RIP.

  • I never watched the BET awards as it isn’t my thing, but that Joe Jackson is disgusting. The celebrities are pathetic. When he was going through all his drama. Where were they? Nowhere. I t hink only one celebrity ever turned up and supported him, he was a comedian. Now all of a suddent they are so sad, and they talk as though they were the best of friends with him. I just hope his children find love and nurturing. I cannot stand that Jamie Foxx, he is such a fake, and he ruined the song he sang that I saw on ET.

    • I totally agree. All those people who believed in Michael’s innocence should have stood by him during his trials. That just goes to show you how self-serving hollywood is. They all look out for themselves. If they had come out in numbers to support him then his reputation would not have been so terribly smeared because the general public would have seen everyone coming out in support as supporting someone that could not have done such a thing. I think of all the children he was around for so many years without one coming forward to say anything but good about him. Then one comes forward and instead of standing up and showing his face and fighting for justice he just takes the money which to me shows that was all he really wanted. And I think Michael did it out of the embarrassment that people would believe the kid. Only Michael, God and that child know what really happened but I just find it very hard to believe. And I also think the only reason the other kid came forward was because he saw a way to make money too. To me Michael should never have settled with the first child because it put $ signs in the eyes of the bottom feeders. Not one celebrity or other person with the knowledge of Michael’s giving heart every came forward to talk about all of the children he helped in hospitals, starving countries and children with no father.

  • WTH? The videos have been removed. Didn’t get here in time. Guess I will have to hunt them down.

  • I honestly can’t believe how heartless Joe Jackson could be, i was so surprised and angry when i saw him looking like nothing happened, or no one died that mattered. I mean at least Janet showed some feelings like a normal person would have done if a close member died in their family. I don’t know if he’s making this act in public and crying when no one is looking, but i feel Michael and his brothers were nothing to him but a ticket out of the ghetto. ( god forbid) i bet if another son died the next day there would be no tears shed by this evil man. He said that the world didn’t realize Michael’s greatness until he died but he hasn’t realized his son’s greatness when he was alive and sadly still hasn’t now that he’s dead. All i could say right now is that now Michael is with god in heaven where his father and the media can’t hurt him anymore than they already have.

    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  • Ranch Records is a company out of Lufkin, Texas and does not mention Joe Jackson anywhere on its website. It looks like it has mostly a CW flavor to it.