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The Battle Of The Quotables


“These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community. For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes.”

Rashad Robinson, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s senior director of media programs, releasing a statement about Perez Hilton’s run-in with the heat-seeking missile better known as 

GLAAD has also requested that media outlets not identify the “bad words” that Hilton said.  I’m big into owning one’s actions — he said “fag” and “faggot.”

Perez responded through TMZ:

“I am saddened GLAAD chose to victimize me further by criticizing me for how I non-violently dealt with a very scary situation that, unfortunately, turned violent. While I doubt I will get an apology from GLAAD, nor do I expect one, I would just hope people know how difficult it is to intellectualize a situation and think rationally when a thug disguised as a musician is screaming at your face and intimidating you. I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me.”

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  • So he’s being an “intellectual” when he calls someone a ‘fag’ or ‘faggot’… good work, Mario; did he switch back to Perez yet? Asshole!

    • Actually, what he was saying was that it is “difficult to intellectualize” in a situation like that – meaning he didn’t.

  • Too bad this won’t affect the traffic to his site. He’s a slippery hypocrite with a devoted following.

  • I hate that the way he talks about it, it only sounds like they’re coming after him too. Like he did nothing wrong and he’s so offended. I can’t believe someone so openly gay (and who thinks of himself as a gay rights advocate) would use a word so hateful and derogatory and then act like he did it for the better good. He should be ashamed of himself for his behavior and just apologize already.

  • He looks like his legs are fused together in this pic. Throw him back in the ocean to swim far, far away. I abhorrrrr this idiot/faggot maggot/thug/pussy/total waste of space!!!!

  • Yeah, he can be very annoying and yes, he made a huge (!) mistake by using the word fag and yes, it is kind of ambiguous to discipline people in public on the on hand and react like he did on the other, but it just does not really feel right to me, that this is in center of this discussion…. he got punched in the face… end of story. This is what should be the most important thing about it all. This is what people should be indignant at in the first place. It is SO sad and disgusting that within this situation you can read just about the same horrible sentences a la “he was bound to be hit sooner or later” that we’re posted when that Rihanna-thing happend… I don’t understand a lot of people out there obviously…

    • He got punched in the face for being a hateful man.

      If he was man enough to make awful hate filled scream at someone… whom by all accounts never raised his voice to this idiot… he earned that punch.

      To invoked what happen to Rihanna… just stuns me.

      To compare her brutal beat down by the hand of her boyfriend….

      to this idiot getting popped for screaming out f*ggot to a grown man… there is no comparison.

      The only thing that got hurt on this moron was his pride. He got slapped in public for behaving like an ass. Maybe next time… he will think twice before calling someone f*ggot.

      • I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it is never ok to punch someone. It is never ok to use violence in any situation. It doesn’t matter if he was a hateful man, or not. Whoever it was that did punch him, could have used words. Everyone has the right to say what they want, you may not like what they say, and you may not deem it appropriate, but they do have the right to say it. No matter what in any situation, regardless of what words were used, violence should not be a means to an end.

      • Everybody has the right under the law to say whatever they want.
        But some people will hit you for getting in their faces.
        And now Perez Hilton knows that.

      • Heh heh heh.

        I grew up with Scott Thompson grinning under the word “FAGGOT,” giant in bright pink letters on the show the Kids in the Hall. After that I never thought to use it as derogatory or at all, actually, but I can say Perez SHOULD have known better than to utter it. *sigh*

    • For all you know Mario did some shoulder shoving to get that slap in the face.

      Did you even see how vile and violent he was screaming in that “thugs” face?
      Hes only tossing around thug this and thug that cause he cant come out and say the N word like his racist ass wanted to.

      The fat bitch has barely a bruise on his ugly mug.

      This has nothing to do with domestic violence.

  • Considering how outrage he was at Isiah Washington for having tossed around the exact same word… and now to act as if he didn’t use it in the same way…. just proves that he is a huge f*cking hypocrite.

    He went on his crusade to get Washington fired… so why doesn’t somone get Perez fired for having done the exact same thing? Why isn’t his advertisers pulling their business with this hate monger?

    As I stated yesterday…. don’t let your mouth write a check… that your ass can’t cash.

    I truly hope he has some one rally against him and start a letter writing campaign to his advertisers for showing poor judgment in spending their money with him.

    He needs a reality check by having his money cut off.

  • yeah, violence is not the answer, but when i heard the words “someone punched perez hilton” yesterday, i was fucking filled with glee.

  • He reminds me of some nasty little fouth-grader who runs up to one of his classmates on the playground during recess and hits him in the back of the head and then runs over o the nearest teacher holding his head and crying fake tears as he claims that the other kid attacked him. I take it that Mario, or, Perez (or, wharever the fuck his name is) comes from a wealthy family who pampered him and allowed him to “Act out” whenever he wanted as he grew up (HA!) Now, as an adult (HA!), he thinks that he can twist reality into whatever her wants it to be. It’s too bad that he wasn’t punched in the mouth on a regular basis as he grew up. It might have made a man (gay, or, not) out of him.

    • He grew up poor in Miami and was teased to no end through out his years in public school.

      His parents came over in a boat from Cuba.

      • “was teased to no end through out his years in public school.”

        So he is going to spend his adult life doing the exact same things to others? Saying hateful things to people he doesn’t know…

        Amazing. He is a bigger jackass than I gave him credit for…

      • he graduated from Belen Jesuit Prep School-not a public school. I’m sure he was bullied, his actions confirm it

      • Waah waaa. So now HE gets to be the big, fat bully. I’m so sick of his ass.

        Hearing that Will.I.Am smacked that bitch up made me smile a little. And like Will a little more.

  • Frankly, I’m shocked that he hasn’t gotten the beat-down before. What, exactly, is the appeal of this asshole anyways? He draws(badly) dicks and jizz drops on celebrities’ faces. What’s to love about that?

  • Oh, and…

    GLAAD has also requested that media outlets not identify the “bad words” that Hilton said. I’m big into owning one’s actions — he said “fag” and “faggot.”

    … exactly.

  • I appologize for the type O’s. Please excuse me while I throw this keyboard (and my glasses) out of the nearest window.

    • Hahaaa. Of course he would do something like that. If his actions haven’t proven it thus far, the Gosselin cut definitely demonstrates his stupidity.

  • Thank you. I stand at least partially corrected. I still believe, however, that his background (rich, or, poor) does not give him leave to act as a foot stamping brat as an adult.

  • all should STOP advertising on his website
    perez hilton petioned HARD to get isiah washington fired
    for saying the exact same thing
    why should perez be treated any differently?

  • I think you all care a shit too much about this. This post coming from a girl who said she hates the mention or thought of Perez and she keeps talking about him. So who cares?

  • I can’t believe you guys. I can’t stand Perez, mainly because of his double-standards and sexism, but come-on! The dudes who got into it with him are clearly pea-brained thugs. If they have a problem with him they can address it in a more suitable way.

    And I think it’s funny that Perez called, because that was probably what would hurt him the most.

    Violence only makes the offender look like a moron. And if they can do this to Perez Hilton and get applause, what about when it happens to Beet, Wendy or Kelly (I’m sure Kelly has made a few enemies in her time)? Or is it different because Perez is a guy?

    • No, it’s different because he actually starts violent screaming matches and then acts horribly surprised when somebody escalates the situation physically.
      The guy who slapped Perez doesn’t look like a moron. He looks like a guy who was tired of being screamed at by a hateful little bitch.

  • Right now, I wish something more violent HAD happened to him as mean as that may sound (A)
    He thinks other people have a holier-than-thou attitude are fame-whores while all I have to say is: dude, look in the mirror…
    Wendy, stop wasting intellectual, intelligent and fun cyberspages on this desperado-dude…
    Apology… puh-lease…

  • Honestly, he is such a little bitch. I can’t even read anything about it, I find him so obnoxious and attention-craving it disgusts me.

  • I urge everyone to read this article, it is a very well written one, considering the hot topic.

    It touches on the fact that the victim of violence is usually on the receiving end of the blame. No matter what is said, the victim of violence is NEVER to blame for an incident. It is up to the perpetrator to use self-control in a situation. Take words out of this situation, and I think people would see things differently. Violence is never the answer, I can’t stress this enough.
    I think everyone should think back to the Chris Brown, Rhianna situation. We don’t know what she said to him, or what she did that set him off, but we still see that Chris Brown is to blame. This situation is no different.
    Finally, I am so sick of GLAAD stepping into every situation. I am just so sick of their press releases and updates. Now they have a holier-than-thou, attitude.

    • i don’t think most people are blaming the victim and saying he got what he deserved. i think most people are saying he is exploiting the situation for his own publicity. and that is annoying and selfish and i don’t know why he has to keep releasing statements about this situation. it’s over. his statement about glaad is ridiculous. he’s basically saying verbal abuse is better than physical abuse and he should be praised for using verbal abuse to defuse the situation.

      • Exactly! Abuse is abuse, one uses words to cut someone down while another uses physical ways to do the same. He even said he chose his awful words because he knew it would hurt the most. His attack was probably more calculated than what I am assuming was a spur of the moment reaction to punch him.

    • GLAAD got involved because anti gay epitaphs were being hurled. They ALWAYS get involved in those situations.

      Chris Brown and Rhianna have fuck all to do with this.

  • As a man, gay or straight, you can’t expect to get into another man’s personal space, screaming derogatory slurs, and not expect to be physically dealt with. That’s the problem with some people in this world, they think they have a unlimited license to get into peoples faces without any repercussions…Perez learned that life doesn’t work that way. On the pages of a website is one thing, verbally attacking in person is another and carries a whole different set of rules. Comparing Perez getting smacked to Rihanna is just plain ignorance, unless the intention is to compare gay men to a battered woman(I think they may be offended by that comparison). And for Perez to say that he is fortunate that nothing more serious happened to him carries racist undertones…does he think that because he encountered a black man he was in more danger than if it was a man of another race. Let him try his silly little game on Russell Crowe or Christian Bale and see what happens…

    • I also agree with you. I think same goes for a woman’s space, there are cat fights you know ;) That’s why I chose to play ice hockey, so I could take my aggression out in a legal (and well padded!) way.

  • Completely agree with the GLAAD person. And the way he is talking about it disgustes (sp?) me. he is such a little bitch.

  • This stemmed from BEP asking why he was so hateful towards them and asking for it to stop. He decided to escalate it because he thought it would earn him press. Was and his team wrong? Yeah, but Perez was out for press and he got what he wanted. I think if he chose to be a decent person atleast some of the time instead of being self entitled and vain he wouldn’t be crying like the little bitch we all know he is. His site might also be better to read and his own readers wouldn’t disrespect him. You only get respect when you try to be respectful. For the record this site is humorous not hateful like that stupid punching bag.

  • Perez’s heat of the moment excuse really ticks me off. Because as angry as I can get at someone, there are words that I would just never use. F****t is one of those words (along with the n word) that I just find so vile, so revolting, and so degrading, that you will NEVER hear come out of my mouth. It’s an offensive word. Period. As a gay man, Perez should know better. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry or happy, drunk or sober, it’s still an offensive word and you will be held accountable for your actions.

  • Not to mention all the slurs he has published on his site degrading gay women, women in general, people he decides are ‘closeted’ and whatever else. Normally I am anti-violence but every now and again it makes me happy when someone gets a punch in the face and this is one such occasion.

  • I just did the unthinkable and cruised his site on my iPhon after I said never again due to his douchebaggery. It took me 6pages to find his trademark visual markups of photos and seemed like he wAs trying not to be an ass or completely offend anyone prior to opening an article. I didn’t bother reading anything but took satisfaction knowing he is now trying to in his own way kiss ass. Too litttle too late!

  • A lot of comments here. The only thing that concerns me is that we do have a fairly number of Conservative Christians that visit Evil Beet and they will just jump on the opportunity to attack homosexuals. Wonder how many of the above posts were motivated by hatred?

    Perez was trying to piss off the guy as much as possible. Calling they guy a “fag” would be extremely offensive to some guys. Perez was trying to push his buttons as much as possible and in return got his button punched.

    Violence is never excusable but he was hardly an innocent victim.

  • The implicit threat of violence actually prevents a lot of bad things from being said and done. It’s wrong to seek out violence but there were many times in my life where violence or the threat of violence was the only solution to a problem.

    Also, as a man you should know the repercussions of insulting or calling out another a man publicly. Most of us learn this early on.

    On another note, his use of the word “thug” and “subhuman” to describe a black man (who according to Perez never raised a hand against him or insulted him) while repeatedly referring to himself as a “human being” is revealing.

    • “On another note, his use of the word “thug” and “subhuman” to describe a black man (who according to Perez never raised a hand against him or insulted him) while repeatedly referring to himself as a “human being” is revealing.”

      I thought the same thing.

  • I used to read Perez back in the day. His site and his readers had become so vile and racist I couldn’t stand to even read the comments section anymore. I’m white but I can’t image how people say the most racist things on his comments page! Also, if you notice, he never says anything nice about minorities )unless they are Hispanic). He is such a hypocrite! He kept screaming about thugs!!! His word for black males! Such an ass!!!!!!

    • They have not changed at all. It will always be like that. Perez thinks its ok to spew that shit and he only thinks about himself, he has zero consideration for the younger folks who read his website, it disgusts me how much he has gotten away with all these years, he is teaching these people that its ok to talk shit about someones race, religion or the way they look, and then when someone calls him out for being an asshole, he either treats them like crap in return or does his ‘fake apology’ bs or throws around favoritism.

      ugh he is like a disgusting mold that never goes away no matter how many times you wipe it up with bleach…

  • Perez Hilton is an insult to homosexuals everywhere. He needed a good smack in his self-righteous face (whether literal or figuratively).

  • Joe Rogan on Twitter:
    PerezHilton talking about how he doesn’t like drama in his life after he called Will.I.Am a fag and got punched in the head made my day
    Watch this, it makes you want to smack him.
    3 He talks shit about people for a living and gets upset when karma rolls

    Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes on Twitter:
    PS. WILL.I.AM- 1, PEREZ-0, It’s about fucking time.
    AAGH,I just watched him get his Chris Crocker on”I write drama about other peoples lives,I don’t want drama in mine”You got BOOM BOOM POW’D!
    Violence is not the answer. Trust me, been through it. The fact is, not EVERYONE is going to take being called a vulgar expletive lightly.

    Frankie Muniz on Twitter:
    Perez Hilton, how do you call a man a FAGGOT right in his face and not expect to get hit?

    John Mayer on Twitter:
    Not true. In fact I’d like to train you in Krav Maga. Then you’ll have the situational awareness not to get in someone’s face.
    I also want to train you in an old martial art called “Never Call A Black Dude a Faggot Jitsu.”
    this will be the last public mention of it. You know how to find me. Words have cause and effect, even if the effect is wrong.

    • The most disgusting thing about all this is that it’s making me like John Mayer a little bit. He just moved onto the list of people I’d like to have a beer with.

  • Yes, while violence isn’t excusable, neither is being an instigating and obnoxious parasite of a person who seeks out trouble. You can’t be so arrogant that you believe you can go around pushing people’s hot buttons ALL THE TIME and not expect to get your bell rung. People can only take so much.

  • He has no contribution to what happened? Perez has the mentality of a freakin 5 y/o “Oh its not my fault! look at the other guy! just because I talk shit I should be able to get away with it!”.

    He is the one that STARTED it. Will.I.Am wanted to diffuse the situation and tryed to get Perez to be nicer to Fergie, he was not calling anyone names.

    None of you Perez-sheep should feel bad for him, he is getting paid to insult people. I bet you would beat the crap out of him too.

  • I have always been indifferent towards Perez… neither liked nor hated him. I actually met the dude once when he used to use the coffee bean as his office. lol…. anyway, after hearing about this and listening to both sides of the story, I have to say Perez was wrong! Dead wrong. A gay man calling another man a faggot to get a rise out of him. What a dumb move! It was like he wanted to be punched. Dick move, and he got a little taste of retaliation (by someone else!!!). I’m happy that GLAAD has spoken out against him… and if he were any man with any shred of integrity he would admit to handling the situation wrong and apologize!!! He is so completely full of shit.

  • Does anyone else think he looks like Kate Gosselin in this picture? I still have no idea how this man became famous.

  • “I am just very fortunate and grateful that nothing more serious happened to me.”

    thats weird because i think its very unfortunate and im very ungrateful that nothing more serious happened to him.

    hes such a douche

  • Perez is an idiot! I’d wanna beat him too if he was in front of me… GAAHHH!!!! Can’t stand the guy!

  • Perez, well Mario has done more damage to the gay community while giving nothing back, he uses the gay card to make money, abuse people, go for revenge but he’s done terrible damage to people careers and outed people who didn’t want to be out – he had no right to do that, and finally someone stepped up and took the trash out. It makes me happy that GLADD has the sense to distance themselves and the only thug in that altercation was Perez. He baited and his security and admitted it on tape while he was sobbing, my greatest hope is that people will start beating him rather than risk his ire on his semi retarded web site. Speak with you fingers people, stop going there and his ad revenue will drop and he’ll be yesterday’s news. He’s never deserved the money or attendant fame his lame site brought him and he abuses that power of the donald trumps who are clueless about what is good net entertainment. There is nothing entertaining about Perez or his ghost writers, it’s time for him to not be on list or have bands give him access, he is also a flat out liar, do not trust a thing that man says.

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