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Pics of Jon Gosselin Smoking … Weed?

Jon Gosselin

Well, that’s sure not how I ever smoked a cigarette.

I have seen people smoke pot that way.

Just saying.

We told you earlier in the day that Jon was spotted in Manhattan smoking a cigarette, but I’m getting the distinct feeling that’s not the only thing he smokes.

Check out these pics of Jon Gosselin puffing away at something outside the family’s house in Reading, Pa. He also greets a woman with a hug outside their home.

Images via INF

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  • I’m an idiot and don’t realize some people hold cigarettes with their thumb and their index finger. I’m an idiot that cries “You are smoking weed” when I see someone smoking a cigarette just a little differently. Please shoot me and mini me’s stupid gf!

    • Whoa thats kind of mean and unnecessary… Maybe beet is just having slow gossip day and knows that this post will get a lot of people to click which then makes her more money. Beet’s got mouths to feed aka Leo.

      • Her needing to feed a fucking dog doesnt make reporting false bull shit ok.

        How the fuck is she going to be AGAINST perez hilton when she does the EXACT same shit?

        We dont need this asshole making shit up just because she has writers block and yes, people DO HOLD CIGS LIKE THAT.

        Fuck YOU!

      • Why is everyone who comments on this blog so angry all the time? This says a lot about the demographic gossip blogs attract. Or that people use the comment section to get out their aggression because they are too much of a chickenshit to say the stuff in real life and like to hide behind computer screens.

      • Well, you have to remember that you have to be an immature idiot to visit a celeb site and take the time to comment.

  • Yeah, I smoke cigarettes like that sometimes..I’ve seen a lot of people do it like that..

      • Yeah duh, people roll cigarettes to save money! Esp with that many kids. You can’t assume just cause it’s rolled annd of course like I did, because it was held a certain way, I just always assume the dumbest things. I am sasha though. Sasha stupid!

  • if you were married to that witch and had kids crying and bitching all of the time…. wouldn’t you want to escape it at times…. just sayin

    • Kids “DON’T” BITCH!!! Esecially not little ones lie these kids!!! I sure hope you don’t hav ay kids..or allowed to be alone with any small kids!!!

    • Jon’s the one to blame here. Their divorce papers said that for two years they had to be seperated before they could publicly display the divorce. Jon had been planning this for awhile.

  • Can we talk about his diamond earring he is now sporting? Seriously, wtf? Jon seems to be going through an early mid-life crisis.

    Getting married young, starting a family early and young and then having so many kids come from the pregnancies I am sure will screw with you a little bit. Then to be in the national spotlight is just an added stress. Yeah they signed up for it but would anyone really think they would gain this much “fame” and attention from a TLC show? I sure didn’t. The family is obviously going through rough times and I don’t really know what is going on behind closed doors, but it tends to seem like Jon wants to be rid of his parental duties not just his marital ones. Hopefully the kids will end up alright.

    • Exactly what I was thinking, dude’s having a mid-life crisis! I can’t believe other people aren’t picking up on it. Younger girl, sports cars, diamond stud, and he got a motorcycle from OCC.

      • How come mid-life crises always manifest as second adolescences? I just wonder when, if ever, he’s going to get tired of getting loaded and having ever-younger girlfriends. Maybe when he’s 54 and marries an 18-year-old, the way he said he thought he’d do it.

        How is he going to get out of having any more kids with all of these young girlfriends that he will undoubtedly have, now that he’s ditched She Who Must Be Obeyed? Ones that aren’t exploitable because they don’t come in litters.

        It will be interesting to see if he uses his old family to support his new one(s). After all, if he’s getting high that much, who is worrying about responsible reproduction?

  • I have seen guys smoke ciggies that way. If it is weed, he is probably self medicating so he doesn’t murder Kate. Kate probably doesn’t allow him to smoke in the garage even… Can Jon be that dumb that he doesn’t know he has cameras trained on him 24/7?


  • Definitely not a joint, he’s flicking it away in the pics and it’s still half there. Nobody throws away that much weed.

  • Oh stop tying to look fo moe dirt on this guy. Have you seen Kate, he should be allowed a lil pot. But that is not a joint, lots of guys smoke like that.

  • That looks like a spliff to me. You take a cigarette and empty out the tobacco, then you mix it with weed and stuff it back into the cigarette and twist the tip. That’s what it looks like to me.

    • ermm you dont smok weed doing that coz then it would have filter & filter just ruins the joint.
      you roll it in a rizzla (rolling paper) , make a roach ( so more weed can come through).
      you don’t just empty out a fag and do it clearly someones never smoked a joint ;)

  • I smoke like that. It keeps rain/wind from putting out the cigarette, and it keeps the smoke out of my eyes. And the end ISN’T rolled… looks like he’s smoking a light, and maybe a clipped cigarette. I’ve smoked my fair share of joints, and that ain’t one.

  • Come on! I wouldn’t blame him if he was but he is at his house, in his yard! He knows cameras are always around as are Kate and the kids! I seriously doubt he would smoke weed there!

  • This guy can not catch a break.

    I guess I am behind a bit… but when did the tabloids decide to camp out in front of the home?

    It really is pathetic that they rather be there trying to catch dirt on this family. Instead of following around the human train wreck we all know as Lindsay Lohan.

    What has the tabloid world come to when Lohan can’t keep their attention!?!?

  • I dont think he would do that in public being under scrutiny of the media. I dont doubt he does with his snowboard buddies, but i think he is just smoking reg shit, not the good shit.

    slow news day.

  • jon, jon, jon! when will you ever learn? if it is a joint, then OMG, what an idiot for smoking it OUTSIDE where there’s media and OUTSIDE your house.

    either everything that has happened is all one big plot for the gosselins, or jon is a dumbass.

    but hey chances are, it’s NOT a cig.

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  • He’s been in Kate’s grip for so dang long (10 Kate years has got to be longer than Dog years) so now he’s rebelling. I am hoping that he is still a good Dad to his kids and don’t take his anger out on them. But, does he really have an earring? If so, it’s got to stop Jon!

    I’ve seen people smoke cigarettes like that. Pres Obama probably does too. :-)

  • He’s admitted to making some bad choices lately and I guess flicking a cigarette into the trees would be another one. It’s better to risk starting a fire than to get caught smoking? Oh wait…

  • Oooo!!! The one where he’s checking the mail box…maybe that’s where he hides his “smokes”! Lord knows, Kate wouldn’t actually go for the mail herself!

  • I think it’s weed.. It looks like it, and the guy’s got no brains.. So at least we can now blame his stupidity on the weed he’s smoking..

  • Totally a ciggie. Why would you flick it and waste so much weed! HA.

    Cause they are rich now?????

  • Now that he’s divorcing her, maybe Kate will learn not to talk to people like they are idiots and she is so superior.

  • A) Who cares if he’s smoking weed. Weed’s the least of this jackass’ problems.

    B)Why are we still paying attention to these reality show morons?
    I mean really- any idiot with no morals and zero intelligence is considered a celebrity these days! You know who the real celebrities are? The scientists who save lives or the engineers who invent the things that make our lives kickass! The Civil servants who rescue and protect us- THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WORTH CELEBRATING- not reality show dumbasses.