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An Engagement Ends And Another Begins


On the tail of things not workingout too well for Christina Ricci, comes news that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are newly engaged

Kim was talking earlier this month about picking out her own ring.  “It’s just easier.  Isn’t it easy if someone’s like, ‘This is exactly what I want.’ It’ll make your life so easy.”  Now, some people are dead-set against knowing what their engagement ring looks like ahead of time, but my theory is this:  Kim’s going to have this ring on her hand for the next three to five years of her life.  Shouldn’t she have one that she really likes?

Now that Kim has officially hooked her boyfriend of the past two years, it’s time for her to get her butt moving and start shopping for a size two wedding dress.  Heh.

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  • Wendie, could you please -please- write something on your own blog? I’m not being rude, I love your writing, but I miss you on MT and WHN! :(

  • Kim’s going to have this ring on her hand for the next three to five years of her life.

    • That was supposed to continue reading ….Girl, I love your optimism @ 3-5 years. I’m going to have to take the over/under on that bet and give it a good 18 months. lol

      On another note though…..He IS fiiiiiiine!

      • i third those feelings!
        i was just looking at him and got the urge to dump my cute half caucasian half italian boyfriend for seek out a studly reggie bush look-a-like hehe [;

      • uh I second the “half caucasian half italian” question… race and nationality are not the same thing… I’ve certainly never seen a box marked “italian” when being asked for race. little confused on that comment.

      • one of his parents is fucking white and the other is italian.
        is that better for you blog police?
        and no, im not going to sit here and run down exactly what his “white” half entails because frankly, i dont remember anything besides part german.

  • There is no way kim is a size two. im a size four. maybe she is a size two in the same world where she and reggie will live happily ever after.

  • Why is everyone giving them a hard time?
    I understand celebrity couples don’t last long often,
    but Kim and Reggie have been together for a while now, haven’t they?
    And they seem to really love each other.
    I think there relationship will last,
    for at least longer than you guys are guessing.

    Now, on another note,
    Kim is seriously beautiful.
    Every time I look at her I’m in awe.
    Chica is gorgeous!

  • Yup, just checked her twitter and the link, and it says she’s not engaged. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    say it isn’t true
    why Reggie? why ?
    why would u do that to yourself?
    The Kim Kardashians of this world are not meant to be wives, just arm candies
    do u really want this woman to be the mother of your children
    do u even watch ‘meet the kardashian’
    These people are trash!
    Do you want a wife who’s idea of having a career is spreading her legs in playboy and making porn

    Don’t do it Reggie