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Well, That Was Quick


It seems like just the other day that Beet reported that Christina Ricci was engaged to her own personal giant, but now her relationship with comedian Owen Benjamin is kaput.

According to People, Benjamin had a birthday party on Sunday and the couple acted normally.  Sometime after that, they got into a fight and decided that the best plan of action was to part ways.

As it always is with Hollywood splits, the two remain close friends who talk on the phone every day.  You know, all three days that they’ve been apart.

Christina and Owen met last year, were officially a couple in October and engaged in March.  Sorry to say, this whirlwind didn’t have a happy ending.

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  • If they were both anatomically correct according to their height, it never would have worked out anyway! He needs a small horse instead.

    • I think I read somewhere that the main difference in heights is that of leg length, while torso length is pretty standard. Nature’s way of ensuring we can get our horizonal mambo on…

  • I love Owen Benjamin! He is so funny. Christina peaked in ’95 with Casper and Now and Then…he can do much better than her!

  • So random!! I went to a comedy club last night where he performed and he was talking about a breakup! I had no idea who he was until I read this! He is a really good comic btw.