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Melissa Joan Hart Takes Back What She Said About Farrah, But I Do Not Take Back What I Said About Melissa Joan Hart


Melissa Joan Hart, thrilled to just be in the headlines for any reason, has written a MySpace apology to Farrah Fawcett, expressing regret for saying she hoped the Charlie’s Angels star didn’t die the week prior to Hart’s bikini People cover:

It has come to my attention that something I said has been completely misconstrued in the press. I was merely explaining what I had read about how the cover of People magazine was chosen from an article last week I read in the Times. I truly hope that Farrah and her family know I wish them the best at this time in her life. And that I would never be so selfish to disrespect anyone, let alone someone I admire greatly.

Then, to further explain her bad behavior, she wrote another blog about — what else?  her own problems:

Last week was an intense one for me in many regards. Not only for all the reasons that have been publicized for you like the magazine cover and the opening of our new shop. But mainly because my mother was admitted into the hospital and underwent an intense 8 hour surgery on a brain tumor. All of my 6 siblings and I gathered at my house and the hospital for the entire week to be strong for each other. She is out of the woods and on her way to recovery, luckily she is a good healer and has 7 children to lend a hand in times like these. Prayer is a big part of my life and it was very crucial last week for my mommy. I ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she fights her way to a full and wonderful recovery. I love you Mommy!!!

Mrs. Hart, I certainly hope you are feeling better.  No matter what you do, please don’t die this week because your daughter is doing press for her new candy store and your funeral would cause a real scheduling nightmare.

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  • Wendie, you seriously make me laugh. And way to choose the most unflattering pictures of her under the headlines.

    • I also love the unflattering pictures. If there is anyone desperate to be in the spotlight it is MJH. And I believe she did make that horrible comment about Farrah too!

      But to be fair about it… any has-been teen actress would have said the same thing if their People cover was in jeopardy of being yanked for the much more loved Farrah.

      Let’s be real People is scrapping for stories if they will give MJH a cover for losing her baby fat.

  • I think this is a bunch of bullshit. I do NOT believe she would ever wish death upon anyone. ever. you are a crazy bitch who is jealous she was able to lose weight, while you probably sit in your chair weighing close to 300 pounds.

    • Have you ever seen a picture of Wendie?
      She’s no where close to 300 pounds, and more than likely a ton more attractive than you.

    • WHAT the goddamn HELL are you talking about, Melissa? Wendie is one of the best, funniest and smartest bloggers out here…and by the way, SHE DIDN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP. It’s all over the place, for God’s sake.

      Wow. I know you can stand up for yourself any day of the week, Wendie, but holy shit, that was mean-spirited.

      I was just coming to comment on your hilarious take on this total nobody. Gaaaah!

  • What kind of explanation was that anyways??? It would be better if she just shut the f*** up and pretend it WAS just a rumor. Stupid bitch. Love this blog by the way :)

  • No matter what she said you would twist it and claim it was her attempt at spin. Has it ever crossed your mind that these ‘reports’ of what she said about Farrah could have been made up or misconstrued by someone who irrationally hates her as much as you do? Jesus, stop being such a bitch.

  • Of course she said it. She is religious and all religious people are permanently trapped in a childish state.

  • I’m actually gonna disagree with this post. I am pretty much believing that the Paps got the whole “wish her death” thing wrong. I mean it’s not like they have ever been wrong or anything. AND, I take to my blog to blog about things gone askew with family and illnesses….Isn’t that the purpose of a blog.

    Just Sayin…

  • This site used to be funny but all your bitter shit is just hard on the eyes, Wendie.

    Bitter house wife with simpleton readers… this is why Beet has to bitch and moan about not being “famous”. She had to cyber stalk an E co host to get a shout out. LAME!

  • She writes like I did in junior high, when I was first learning real English for the first time. AND SHUT UP, MJH.

  • I’m sure she said it, but I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to be hurtful. I can forgive it, because I’ve said things I wish I could take back too.

  • I’ve been reading about this Melissa Joan Hart situation all over the place this week, and what I don’t understand is where the gossip community’s collective sense of humour has gone. Yes, it’s awful that Farrah Fawcett is so sick, but when did it become the norm to defend her honour to such a ridiculous extent? When she was healthy, her whole life was one long dumb blonde joke. All of a sudden she’s dying and no one’s allowed to say anything? Of course I don’t know F. Fawcett at all, but 10 bucks says she’d have a sense of humour about the whole thing even if no one else does.

    If I overheard MJH say what she said, I’d take it for what it probably was: A tasteless, yet situationally hilarious off-colour remark. SHE WAS PROBABLY JOKING. Jesus Christ, why can’t everyone just calm the F down already?

  • Wendy I just looked at your picture on twitter, Malissa may have lost her looks by being over weight but your an ugly whore without being overweight.

  • Gutted she’s huge now. She was on my list as one of the “Twenty Women I Seriously Need To Fuck Before I Die”.