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Christie Brinkley Aims Low For Daughter Alexa


Christie Brinkley is past the phase of dating really young dudes but she has John Mayer in her sites as the perfect match for her daughter — the one she had with Billy Joel, as if you couldn’t tell — Alexa Ray Joel.  Personally, I don’t think anyone with four divorces under their belt should be fixing people up, and I really don’t think anyone should be fixing up a loved one with John Mayer.

John Mayer has a history of not committing, talking to the media about his relationships in graphic detail, and being addicted to Twitter — and then there’s his music. 

Which really begs the question:  Why does Christie Brinkley hate her daughter?

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  • Wow. That is one scary-looking girl. Which is weird becuase both of her parents are attractive. hrmm.

    • This is actually a pretty bad photo of Alexa. She’s actually really cute, and very talented. Got a bit of the ceiling eye thing going on, but who doesn’t have their flaws?

      We’ll see if Alexa has learned anything from her parent’s bad relationships or will follow in their footsteps.

      • WOW! I just googled her & you’re right, that is just a VERY bad picture of her. All the other pics that I pulled up she looked pretty cute!

    • You think Billy Joel is attractive? You’ll fall in love with my left nut then!

  • “Sights”, not “sites”.

    I’m more bothered by the fact that her most recent ex-husband, Peter Cook, dragged a pubescent Alexa out of the shower to scream at her.

  • It’s a woody-allen, cruel Madonna envy-jealous type thing so Christie can get John to go for her, they are caught, it is shock gossip sensationalism.. and she will laugh at Alexa’s wonky cow crossed eyes in pain, ‘maybe or she’s got tummy troubles again,’ admits yes her daughter looks like her fuggy dad with dire misfortunes and have many people comment. You go Cougar, wow she’s still got ‘it’ at her older age..; more fish in the sea Alexia but you need a bottom scrapper tow net and a paper bag to catch them.. more and more.

  • I’m gonna stick with the norm, be a bitch, and say that that is one ugly chick. Now, I’ll take into consideration that this might be a bad pic, but I’m sorry, there should have been a law or something when Bill Joel and Christie Brinkley got married saying that if Christine was to become pregnant while they were married, Billy would just have to take one for the team and not provide his sperm. She looks like Billy except with, I assume, female anatomy. Like, how would you like to be that chick (or almost any chick unless you’re uber hot) and say that your mom is Christie Brinkley? It would totally suck. She’s so gorgeous!

  • My first thought was, I hope this is a bad photo of Alexa because this pix could be captioned “Actresses chosen to play The Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West in upcoming Wizard of Oz remake.” I’m relieved someone posted that she’s cute and talented in real life.

  • Maybe Alexa has figured out this simple math problem:

    + 4 ex-husbands=
    4 guys who saw a hot woman and married her.

    Maybe that’s why she’s comfortable in her own skin.

  • i think she is very cute! even in this pic! there is just something so unusual about her looks. i mean when i look at this photo my eyes go straight to alexa. she is very striking.
    and yes i don’t think that cristie brinkly should be fixing anybody up, and especially john “pretentious” mayor. i hate that douche. why does cristie want her to go out with him? so he can later on tell the paps how he screwed her and then dumped her? UHG!

  • So Conan O’Brien got one of the ‘what their kids would look like’ right!!

  • Googled her and totally agree, she is SUPER pretty. This is a crazy unflattering photo.

    Also, not a bad a singer. Nothing completely special but she’s a lot better than most of the “singers” out there right now.

  • It is personal and this is not just gossip. Why don’t you get a real job and by the way, Alexa is beautiful and her Mom is a sweetheart! Thank goodness there is karma…

  • Disgusting. I cannot believe some of these miserable, cowardly bloggers and the truth is Alexa is beautiful inside and out like her mom. Being vicious for the sake of being vicious speaks volumes about the authors and very little about their targets. Any real man would be lucky to be in the company of Christie or Alexa and that is a fact.

    • Um, Tony, how do you know that these women are beautiful on the “inside” perhaps you should stop reading these disgusting blogs and get back to sewing that pretty little skin suit you’ve been working on.

  • God awful ugly is all I can say about that girl. Good thing Daddy and Mommy have money so she can purchase 5 or 6 husbands in the future. Put a bag over her head…please!