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Holly Madison Gets Branded


Holly Madison came on to the scene as one-third of the Hugh Hefner trifecta.  Sadly, that relationship soured like yesterday’s Milk of Magnesia and she moved on.

She hooked up with magician Criss Angel and I expected a lot more over-exposure from those two than I ended up getting.  Other than their joint birthday party, they weren’t half as obnoxious as I’d been hoping, prior to their love vanishing.  Disappointing, really.

Now, America’s favorite girl next door is hooking up with comedian and admitted sex-addict Russell Brand.  Now, I’m not sure where she fits into the stats.  He claims to penetrate ninety different vaginae a month, yet the Sun reports that he’s been visiting Madison three times a week.  That is just a ton of cardio.

I’m hoping this works out for a couple reasons.  Mostly, because I want to call them RH Factor.  Also, because Holly Madison is descending into scary territory.  If this new relationship flops, I fear her next conquest is going to be, like, Marilyn Manson.  Or Carrot Top.

Thanks, Eve!

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  • LOVE Russell Brand. He’s such a delightful disaster. He did an interview on Fresh Air to promote his Booky Wook and told Terri Gross, (and I quote) “I don’t know if you’ve ever taken crack, Terri, but it makes you do some rather eccentric things.”

  • This girl is emotional unstable. She needs to spend some time getting her life together before jumping into relationships one after another.

  • Nooooo! I LOVE Russell Brand. He should be with someone witty and intelligent and funny like himself, NOT some blonde American bimbo who thinks sleeping with Hugh Hefner is a good idea.

  • I don’t know who russell brand is, but i certainly do know who madison is and i must say no one, no matter how vile they are should dip their penis into this STD bag. She is the skankiest of the 3, absolutely disgusting ho.
    I wish she would just die

    • Wow, harsh much? I kinda like her in small doses – something about the way her emotions never reach her eyes fascinates me.
      I’m odd that way =) (plus I generally like her hair and makeup)

  • I really thought that you were going to say that she was with Carrot Top when it said Russell Brand. I have no idea why.

  • I am worried about her – she picks these guys that don’t want just one woman. She has said she wanted to get married and have a baby. These guys don’t want to EVER do this. I love Holly – I think she is so nice and sweet but I don’t want her to get hurt again – and that is what is going to happen. Claimed sex addict????? Isn’t going to just have sex with her and no one else – duh!!! Isn’t going to want to get married or have a baby. Holly – you are so beautiful you could get ANY man you wanted – yet you pick these losers. He grosses me out – doesn’t looked like he has showered or cleaned up after himself in days and that hair – ughhhhhhh……..please Holly – get some one better!!!!