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Holly Madison and Criss Angel Being a Douche

I can barely see the laptop screen through my tears.

Girl Next Door Holly Madison and Criss Angel, starfucker magician extraordinaire, have called it quits, and Holly’s moved back to LA.

“She was very much in love with him, and they’re still very close friends,” a source close to the former couple [said], adding that the decision to split was mutual.

“It was a conflict of schedules. She felt she couldn’t devote 100 percent of her time in Vegas and his career at the expense of her career and her goals.”

The 29-year-old Madison and 41-year-old Angel had been cohabitating at the magician’s Sin City abode since December, but the Playboy pinup recently moved back in with family.

Ummm, didn’t Holly just quit her job at Playboy so she could spend more time in Vegas with Criss? (But not before she blasted her former employer online and then rescinded her comments.) Where is Holly going to work now? What the hell’s she qualified for? Hustler? Nah, Holly’s a creative type with a good eye for beauty. Betcha anything she launches yet another accessories/fashion line.

Holly can now add herself to the looooong list of Hollywood hotties the gross magician has fucked and discarded — including Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. CONGRATS HOLLY!

Now how long until Kendra Wilkinson and her football fiance break up?

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  • Great news. They didn’t seem right for each other at all.

    Criss looks so much younger than 41, wow! He’s a little creepy, but not too shabby.

  • am i the only one who finds the most shocking thing about this post Chris Angel’s age? seriously, he is really 41?????????????? i thought he was in his 20’s. he is magic.

  • am i the only one who found that the most shocking this post Chris Angel’s age? he is seriously 41?!?! i thought he was in his 20’s! he is majic~

    • ME TOO!

      I thought he was like 28. To be honest, I’m not surprised they broke up. But I WAS shocked to read that he’s 41 =o

  • I am so glad that happened,
    i dont like her she is a slut and bleh,
    he really loves me and only me and
    know he can reconignize that he does ;)

  • Ugh. Criss Angel is the living equivalent of setting my own fucking head on fire.

    I absolutely do not see his appeal, other then, ya know, single handedly maintaining a financial upswing for the industries of body wax and hair dye in this economy. Bravo.

  • I didn’t see this coming at all. Two self-centered people can’t be in a relationship together that doesn’t profit either one?? Big shocker. Huge.

  • too bad it didn’t work out with hef. who’s gonna be able to give her that kind of life besides him + i always thought she really loved him.

  • “Holly can now add herself to the looooong list of Hollywood hotties the gross magician has fucked and discarded — including Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. CONGRATS HOLLY!”
    Was EXTREMELY amusing to read out of context, since my name is Holly. Same spelling!

  • who can expect her to maintain a stable relationship anyways after all that fake bullshit at the mansion?!
    ugh whatever about them, everyone probably saw this coming lol

  • He looks young because of the greek heritage, and on the split, Holly may be pretty, but lets not forget that she will lose that as she ages, she is as fake as it comes not to mention her tramp stamp, I mean get some class girl go back to your natural hair colour and keep your clothes on youll never be pamela

  • I think sleeping with him must feel like dancing with the devil … forbidden .. we all know how good the forbidden fruit tastes . :-)

  • You age crazy nuts!Materialistic that you be.The American way.They are both American wrecks-very typical.Wake up everyome.

  • You forthless Bithchs need to shut the Fuck up about Criss Angel. If they werent happy together then they should break up, so dont Bitch about him!!!! so shut the Fuck up!!!!! Criss is really fuckin ghot/sexy, sweet and nice!!! So yeah stop being fucking bitchs, shut teh fuck up and grow up!!!!! does it fuckin matter who broke up with who as long as both of them are happy now!!!!! and i knew Criss was 41 but he looks 25!!! i love him sooo much!!! nad i have a question why the fuck are all you guys making suck a big deal about this?? im saying all this cuz you guys are pissing me off for calling him a Douche bag and all that shit!!! SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

  • They were NEVER broken up. It was all PR, so she could do her dancing crap. They were at 9Nine Steakhouse in Vegas on Sunday, April 5th. What I don’t get it WHY LIE about being broken up? Other than the fact that it probably upped Criss’ show ticket attendance.

  • He didnt do anything wrong
    they are friends and they are very nice together.
    so stop being mean to
    Criss !
    He is a nice sweet persoN!
    they R Happy and NIce friends!
    So Deal with iT Sweeet Cakes!

  • I think it was great that they broke up, Criss deserves better and i don’t care if he’s 41 or 101 he still looks so awesome that if Ihe was walking down the street, I know I would be like three days late for work cause I would just be sexing him up..and we all know that Holly is a ho..gees, it’s her job..hello..

  • Dear God! The Greek clown and American tit-bar muff have split? Oh nooo, I NEVER would ahve guessed! Hahahahahahahhh!

  • I thought Holly Madison and Criss Angel Seemed right for each other very much.They looked really cute together!!! It’s weriod because when I first seen Criss Angel in a magazine for the first time in the public eye,at the time he was going out with Britney Spears and I just got a feeling he was gonna end up going with Holly Madison from the Girls Next door and I told my Sister She was like that weriod because i was like I can see them getting together and ending up having a kid I had a great feeling that they would.I know She knew she wanted a kid really bad before she was 30 and I can see her ending up having 1 and it will be a boy.They both would make great parents, And she’s wll be a wonderful and Amazing mother,when the time comes!!Its Crazy that they broke up because of there schedule but I believe “if somethings meant to be it’ll be”, and truefully she seemed really happy with him a maybe there’s still love there and maybe they will reunite and get back together in the future never know right??