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Are Jen and Ben on the Rocks?


They’ve seemed like the perfect couple for years now, but, with the arrival of the new baby, rumors are a-swirlin’ that there’s trouble in paradise for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. The couple were supposed to attend the White House Correspondents’ dinner this weekend (check out vid of comedienne Wanda Sykes performing there), but they canceled at the very last minute. In fact, a limo even arrived at their Boston home to take them to the airport, but it was sent away. Why would they be no-shows for such an important event for an administration they’ve supported so eagerly? I don’t think they had a sick kiddo or anything — Jen was photographed Monday on a walk with Violet and Seraphina, both looking healthy as can be. They haven’t released any statement explaining their sudden absence from the DC dinner.

If Jen and Ben break up, I’ll just be crushed. Does no one’s marriage work out?

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  • He was sick and has a movie to do in Boston, where they are staying. Good reasons not to run down to DC for the night. This gossip is a bunch of garbage. You gossips always get it wrong, you pick on the people who never break up, and never see it coming from the ones that do!

  • Remember when the first baby was this age, the same rumor was floated around. So they stay at home more with the baby- this is a good thing.

  • It totally could have been a sick kid. A kiddie can be throwing up all over you one minute and the next day the little bastards are asking for ice cream and all fine like nothing every happened. Kids! You know I love them!

    • Exactly what I was thinking…a sick kid can look and act fine before AND after they hurl all over you…only to do it again 24 hours later with no warning!

  • While I agree that where there’s smoke, there’s fire….give ’em a break! Having one kid is hard work….but having two little ones is EXHAUSTING. They’re on totally different schedules. There’s rarely a time to rest.

  • I am stunned he ever married her. Even after the very public relationship with Lopez… he never struck me as a guy who really wanted to be married. Kind of like Clooney… just not interested in it.

    • yea me too, and even more pointed is the fact that they had a shot gun wedding…..she was pregnant a lil thing ppl always seem to ignore. they married in june the 1st brat was born in dec of ’05 if i am not mistaken, u do the math. she is a hollywood social climber trading in and marrying up to increase her fame…i never really liked her seemed like her nice girl image is a facade kinda like reese witherspoon….no one is that squeaky clean and nice lol

      • I don’t think she married him for the status.
        She had plenty of fame on her own and was well known before their relationship.

        I think you’re looking for the worst in her.

      • Yeah! Who would use Ben Affleck as a status climb?! I don’t think she did that at all.
        Plus she doesn’t seem ALL that into fame when she’s running around every day with her children wearing baggy cargo pants and hardly any make-up. She’s not seeking out the paps or doing silly stunts. I think she’s a mom first and foremost.

      • Itc is right, she could’ve done alot better than Affleck. She is not into the whole status and fame thing.

        I agree that she is a mum first and her family is important to her.

        I think she’s great, she’s stunning and seems committed to her kids. You go Jen!!

  • Strange. I seem to recall Jennifer wearing those same pants a week ago. Therefore, they must be on the rocks since Ben clearly isn’t doing the laundry…someone please sound the alarm! Oh, wait… there are so many factors – besides a divorce – to explain why they didn’t make this dinner. I’m with Lis and think he was sick. Why doesn’t anyone report that he must have the swine flu???

  • They actually did release a statement as to why they didn’t attend. Ben Affleck was sick and they had to cancel last minute because of his illness. I was at the WHC dinner myself, and heard it straight from the people who invited him.

    • Tell her Nina!

      I guess it’s much easier to make crap up than to do a bit of research. I came here from Celebitchy, and won’t be back. At least they attempt to research and be fair.

  • Who’d want to go to that nasty-insulting, self-promoting dinner wasting our tax dollars anyway?! Yay for Jen and Ben happily staying home and enjoying their nice life.

    • The dinner isn’t paid by tax dollars, actually. Companies themselves pay for it, and the tickets aren’t cheap!

  • They miss one dinner, she’s out for a walk with the girls without him, and suddenly they’re getting divorced? Give me a break. Shit happens and things don’t go as planned. I’m calling bullshit on this rumor.

  • yes, they did release a statement saying Ben was ill. If you look at some pictures of Ben taken on Sunday you can see his face. Also he was fighting a cold during promos for S of Play.

    I guess most missed the report from the Boston Globe that Ben and Jen, sans children, were on a date Friday night. The Globe list the place (don’t remember it now).

    If so much trouble in paradise why would Jen move her and the girls to Boston? She could hang in there new “Brain Grasser” mansion. Ben has to be in Boston for the movie, Jen and the girls do not. Unless that is that they are a family and WANT to be together.

  • i suppose if i decided not to go to a party, i would probably send the party transportation away too. the article implies that they are unrelated events.

    maybe they were sick. they’re the kind of people who actually care about their family and their health more than publicity.

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