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What If Rihanna Hadn’t Been the Only One in That Car??

This is why we CANNOT STOP TALKING about domestic violence and its HORRIFIC consequences.

A four-month-old boy died from blunt trauma to the head after being thrown out of a moving car by his mother’s ex-boyfriend following a domestic dispute.

Blog commenters can talk all they want about how “Rihanna started it” or “Rihanna was asking for” or whatever other insane nonsense they want to throw at the problem to cover up their own insecurities, but this baby can’t be faulted a bit. And the end result of the domestic violence in his home was his death.

Domestic violence is NEVER NEVER NEVER acceptable. If you live with a relationship like this, ask for help. Leave. Get the police involved if you need to. You can leave NOW and protect yourself and your family. The Domestic Violence Hotline can help you find a shelter: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Read the full story here.

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    • Sympathy’s are needed for the family members of the little boy (of course) but separately from that, yeah, people shouldn’t hit, but the idea that any one person is innocent of wrong doing, because their getting smacked around, is just too stupid….no it’s Too stupid… no, it’s TOOO STUPID.

  • Beet, I think it’s really wonderful how outspoken you are about the horror that is domestic violence. I wish more bloggers (especially ones as well known as you) would make a clear stand on this subject.
    Don’t ever let that go away!

  • More anti-male hatred from angry fema-nazis.

    How about all the cases of psycho mothers that kill their kids?

    • How about them? Did that story just make news? Is anyone saying that news like that is somehow less horrible? No…

    • Donkey Punch, there is nothing in Beet’s post about gender, only about domestic violence. Any sexism is entirely your inference and says a lot more about you than it says about Beet. How about all those cases you mention? Beet is saying they are all wrong. If you think a baby getting killed is solely a feminist issue, there is something very distorted about your understanding of human relationships. I really hope that you’re running your mouth for effect and that you don’t actually believe this.

      Also, “femi-nazis”, since I imagine you were intending to implicate women rather than an American governmental organisation.

      • Agreed. There’s nothing gender-specific in that post other than the examples. Any “femi-nazi” implications exist in your own head, not in what I wrote.

    • most children are killed by men, usually the mother’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend. the percentage is much, much higher. also, most men kill the children to get back at the mother, so by your reasoning i guess that would be anti-woman. for rather prurient reasons the media is fascinated by mothers who kill their kids, and talk about the same story for months and months, like that shrill harpy nancy grace. meanwhile stories like this one rarely make national news.

  • Voilence is never ok. Wether it be coming from a woman or a man, especially when aimed at a child. Get off you high fucking horse, this post wasn’t bashing men- it wasn’t anti men, it was anti domestic abuse. I have a 9 month old and this story broke my heart. Never ever will I understand how someone could hurt a child.

  • Violence is NEVER the answer. It doesn’t matter if it comes from a man or a woman, it is NOT okay. Never.

    This is truly sad. Ahd I’m sorry, but I gotta say this is his mother’s fault. I know it’s not as easy as just leave, but if you have a baby, you have to be strong enough to know what’s the best for your kid. And I gotta say violence is NOT the best for a chil. If this woman doesn’t know that, then she’s insane as well.

    • Oh please don’t say this was the mother’s fault, SHE didn’t throw the baby out, did she? Until we stop blaming the women for what men do to them or their kids we’re not gonna get rid of this problem.

      I doubt very much that the woman in this case thought that “violence was the best for a child”. Did you not read the article properly?It WAS her EX-boyfriend, she already HAD left him.

      • I KNOW! But think about this for a while: If that woman left that man and had NO contact with him -as it should be- why was she in a car with him AND the baby?

        I don’t really blame her, because I think what she’s going through must be REALLY, really hard. But if you wanna destroy your life being in a abusive relationship, that’s YOUR problem. When a child is involved, it changes. She should have stopped any kid of contact with that man, and maybe this wouldn’t have happened. Don’t you think so?

      • And even if she was NOT in that car, she should have stopped ANY kind of contact with that man. Because if they were fighting, that means she WAS in contact with him. Not right at all.

      • The mother wasn’t EVER in the car. He showed up at her apt early in the morning. She was supposed to go to court that day to make sure he stayed away from her. He beat the hell out of her then took the baby and threw him on the concrete (sorry, it makes me nauseous to even write that). He left and took the baby. He drove on the interstate and then threw him out. I live in Tampa. There’s numerous stories about it.

      • Oh, I didn’t know about that. In that case, I take it back. That woman did her best to protect her child. And that man is insane. This story is too sad. I thought she was still in contact with him, so he got a chance to kill the kid :(

  • We are never going to get rid of this problem until abused women are able to develop self-esteem and gain access to resources that will allow them to stop relying on abusive males in their lives.

    Unfortunately, people in violent relationships can rationalize anything, so I doubt this will ever end. I have known some very intelligent women — and men — who have wound up in abusive situations, and stuck around because there was a lot of sweet talking between punches.

  • Beet,
    Thank you for speaking out against domestic violence. Violence can be physical, mental, emotional and sexual. It can never be the solution or the answer to anything. Thank you, again.

  • Did anyone catch that lady that had the face transplant? Her boyfriend took a shotgun to her face. Asshole.

    Rihanna’s future.

  • i can’t understand how someone can harm an innocent baby. how can this man throw a baby out of the windown on to an interstate? what can drive a person to do this. i believe the 20 year old should be put to death, death penalty.

    *on a side note the statement “feminism in a bra” seems to contradict. A bra has become socially constructed to what soci

  • ** society has made acceptable. the feminist movement especially in the 1960s demonstrates this perspective.

  • That’s REALLY sad… If he lived in my country, he’d get the *wish-for-death* penalty… The prisoners doing time for weed, kidnap and gang murders etc. would tear his ass UP!!

    • And oh… Did you or did you not throw a BABY out of a car window… “It’s a dirty game”??
      Oh yeah… wish-fuh-death penalty…