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Mindy Kaling to Develop Her Own Show


Oooh, exciting news for women in comedy! Following in Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler’s footsteps, Mindy Kaling — who both writes on The Office and stars as Kelly — has signed a two-year, seven-figure deal where she will continue to write for and appear on The Office next season while simultaneously developing a comedy in which she would also star.

“This is my first step in a Transformers-style way to take over the whole world,” Kaling joked. “I’ve only ever worked for NBC, and I’ve felt an enormous amount of support from the executives there.”

It’s SO FANTASTIC to see funny women recognized and cultivated by the brass at a major network. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care what anyone says, I think Parks & Recreation is a riot. It’s brilliantly written (by Amy Poehler). I hope NBC gives it some time to flesh out before they scrap it, and I’m looking forward to watching whatever Mindy comes up with.

On a totally unrelated note, thank you for all your contributions to the Evil Beet Catpics Twitter Challenge. I have about a billion cat photos on my hard drive now and I’m loving it! You still have time to contribute! Send the pics to me via Twitter (you can follow me here) with the hashtag #catpics. I’m either going to run the gallery Wednesday night or Thursday night, or, really, just as soon as I figure out how to get WordPress to let you guys vote on a winner. (Are you a WP guru who might know how to do this? Email me.)

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  • I LOVE Mindy! So happy for her, I hope it does well :)

    On another note, I don’t believe Poehler is a writer for Parks & Rec. She may ad lib and help “write” the scenes as they film, but as far as I know Mike Schur (Office writer/actor of Mose Schrute/contributor to and Greg Daniels (of King of the Hill fame) are the writers and creators.

  • I like Parks & Rec because it accurately portrays being harassed by the public at a meeting

  • I didn’t love the pilot of parks & rec, but it has gotten a lot better! I only watch it on hulu tho… hulu is where it’s at

  • Amy is not a writer for P & R. Who knows for the future (in S2 of the Office, Steve Carrel wrote an ep.) but season 1 has been purely Greg and Mike.
    But Mindy is hilarious. I think I say this every time you post about her but check out her blog:
    She really needs to update more!