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The Evil Beet Twitter CatPics Challenge


Every now and again I get an idea in my mind. Sometimes that idea is good, and sometimes that idea is bad. Regardless, I move ahead with it. And when the idea involves both social networking AND photos of cats? I move ahead full-force.

So I want to do a gallery on Evil Beet of all your family cats. I’m sure somewhere along the way there will be a winner (chosen by your votes) and there will be a prize for that winner, I just haven’t got all that sorted out yet.

Here’s the catch: You have to send me the pics via Twitter, with the hashtag #catpics.

You can catch me on Twitter at and the service is free and easy to join. Use to upload the cat pics.

You can see my little Josie up at the top of this post. Josie is being taken out of the competition because it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the cats. (She is clearly an established fashion model.) But Josie is what your cat should aim to be.

Looking forward to seeing your pussies!

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  • Hey, can you let this contest run for like 10 days??? I really want to send some pics of my pusses (pussies?) but I need to have a bit of TIME to get them to you!! At least give me through the weekend if you have any influence (and OF COURSE YOU DO!!!)

    On a side note, tomorrow I’m taking my sweet baby in for xrays and bloodwork … she’s lost a TON of weight in the last 60 days and I have a BAD feeling :( My vet spider sense is tingling, and that’s NOT a good thing. I’m fearful this may be something really bad :( I’ll be clicking lots of pics this weekend!

    • Oh, I do hope it’s not as serious as your spider sense says! I switched foods a few years ago, from regular to diet in the same brand, and my big tabby lost three pounds in a month and he had hot spots. After several vet visits, we figured out it was the food. Hopefully it’s something simple with yours, too.

    • Did you change food? Do anything different that could mean this might be an outside source?

      I hope your kitty is ok.

  • Um.. I would LOVE to take part in this challenge but I have some beef with Twitter and therefore have now boycotted. Enjoy the picture of my cute babies (I have more just not via twitter) on the side here.

    Rest In Peace little Asha (grey kitty) we will miss you always.

  • Would love to participate, but I refuse to do this whole Twitter crapsanity. I hate the whole idea behind Twitter.

    So sadly, my two beasties Harlot and Ruttigrr won’t be a part of this feline family.

  • Awwww…I would so send a pic, too, but I don’t even want to get started on Twitter. If you do the contest using some other forum next time I’m sooo in!

  • The problem with making this a contest is the fact that I will win without question and thereby rob the fun from everyone else. Just you wait.

  • Ok, I didn’t want to, but I signed up just so I could send a pic and I can’t even figure out how to do that, Twitter is the slowest and stupidest website i have ever seen.

  • I too don’t want to bother with Twitter. My cat has already been featured on this site. Remember back in the day when Beet included photos in the borders/margins. My cat graced these pages. Now she’s all uppity.

  • Is this a test to see if we can figure out how to actually do this? How do we send you the pics that are on twitter? Because my cats will totally reign.

      • Lol, I do. He has some health issues that caused him to gain a lot of weight. he’s on a special diet from the vet now, and so far he’s lost about 8 pounds over the last 10 months or so. He hates the diet food, but he’s doing really well. My biggest struggle is keeping him away from any additional food. He will do ANYTHING to have more food. He getss into the garbage and eats that. once he figured out how to open the cabinet door from underneath and get into the bag of food that was in there. If he gets outside, he’ll go to the neighbor’s house and eat their dog’s food. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s on a constant quest for more food. He’s very sweet though. He’s the sweetest, most loving cat you’ve ever met.

      • I’m sorry to hear that, I hope your cat will get better soon. p.s. my cat is a garbage-eater too, even if he has a tone of food under his nose