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In An Ongoing Attempt To Make My Brain Explode, Jenny McCarthy And Oprah Winfrey Unite


Every once in a while I come across a story that blows out all my circuit breakers.  Today, this event has occurred.

Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Oprah.  As I take a deep breath and forge ahead, it brings me physical pain to inform you that McCarthy now has a blog on Oprah’s website and is being groomed for her own talk show.  Jenny McCarthy.  Oprah.  It’s a perfect storm of lunacy.

In my hopes that this was all just a vicious rumor I could easily dispel, I headed over to O’s site only to discover “Jenny McCarthy” on the header, nestled in between “Elizabeth Edwards” and “Take Our Recession Poll.”  Currently, Jenny’s blogging about giving up sugar.  Which is something I did as well.  And it’s only a matter of time before she starts blogging about her son Evan’s autism.  That’s something I do also.  It really bothers me to have things in common with Jenny McCarthy.  Like, beyond both of us having ovaries, and I’d be willing to have mine removed if it resulted in this Jenny-O union being dissolved, I don’t want to relate to her on any level.

I think I’ll feel better if I start a list of the things we don’t have in common.  She is one of Oprah’s apostles; there is probably a restraining order on file that prohibits me from coming within a mile of Harpo Studios.  She blogs about her PMS symptoms; I could never be so hateful.  Her chesticles are plastical; mine are fantastical.  Oh, and she can cure autism utilizing a magic recipe of sorghum and rice.  I am completely incapable of curing autism.

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  • people who take medical advice from celebrities are idiots.
    celebrities who dispense medical advise are dangerous idiots.
    jenny mccarthy needs to be stopped.

  • Beet… please get rid of Wendie already. Her negativity towards obvious awesome (and attractive that’s why she hates in the first place) people is a really awful thing to have to deal with in the morning!

    • What? Someone who writes “Her chesticles are plastical; mine are fantastical” is a genius and I want her to keep on writing on Evil Beet for a long time. And Jenny McCarthy says she can cure autism with a diet. Awesome? What? Are you on drugs? Team Wendie!

    • Beet… please get rid of Emily already, she’s a Wendie hater.
      And we love our Wendie.

    • beet.. please block Emily immediately. She is mad that Wendie doesn’t hate her because she is not pretty enough.

      Oprah is blah and Jenny is a freaking idiot.

    • Um, actually I think your the only person who doesn’t love Wendie. She is a badass.

  • Preach Wendie! You know I love Oprah, but I can not stand Jenny McCarthy. Her lies about Autism make me want to punch her in the head. Then there’s her voice! Uh, she’s a mess. You are nothing like her Wendie and that’s why we like you!

  • Her claims that you can “cure” your child of autism simply by changing their diet to a GFCF is simply not true. It is cruel on her part to give desperate parents false hope, and the fact that she’s profiting on book sales makes me sick.

  • I thought Jenny was “tired” of talking about autism. Which was a statement that annoyed the piss outta me and my sister (who has an autistic son). Just because she “cured” her sons autism doesn’t mean that she needs to stop using her annoying celebrity status to bring light to this serious issue.

    Go Wendie.

  • yeah…like i’m gonna put my autistic child’s health in the hands of jenny “singled out” mc carthy! who would be that stupid?

  • Wait a minute…you’re mad at Jenny McCarthy because a diet (that she did not invent) helped reduce her son’s autism symptoms and she *gasp!* shared that with the world?
    Do you think she’s lying? Or are you just pissed off that the diet didn’t help your son?
    You should know that autism is not a one size fits all kind of disorder. My daughter’s autism is completely different than the autism that my best friend’s son has. And so are their treatments. Diet changes help him. Not so much with her.
    Also, the book that she makes money off of, she was already under contract to write a new book about her life. Her life became her son’s autism.
    What the hell is your problem??

    • It’s the way she shares this information that’s the problem. She bashes vaccines, saying they’re the reason for autism. As far as I know, there is no conclusive study which supports this. It’s one thing to share what helped your child; it’s another to try to sway parents from vaccinating their children.

      • She’s not the only person who thinks that. Most of the time, she’s preaching to the choir. Also, she’s NEVER said people shouldn’t vaccinate their children.

        I’m not aware that there have been any studies on the amount of vaccines babies receive. I’ve read all the recycled studies that deal specifically with mercury poisoning. Not one study has been done about the possible link between the amount/early administration of the vaccines and autism.
        Many people think the problem has more to do with toxicity in general and not mercury specifically. I’m still waiting for that study to be done in a mainstream way. It has been done on a small scale, and the evidence suggests that autism (not just the reporting) has increased along with the vaccine schedule’s increase.
        Do you know that they give infants a vaccine against Hep B the very day that they’re born? You get Hep B the same way you get HIV. Babies are pretty much the lowest risk group there is for Hep B, yet for some reason they “need” to be vaccinated at birth, whether or not they’re premature, even.
        That’s the craziest example, but if you’ve ever looked at every vaccine that’s recommended, and the ages that they’re recommended for, it gets a little scary. I’m absolutely not against vaccines myself. I just think that my two month old doesn’t need to be vaccinated against chicken pox. For God’s sake, when I was a kid our parents used to make us hang out with other poxy little kids so we could get it and be done with it.

        I realize that Jenny McCarthy is super loud and obnoxious. That doesn’t mean everything she says is wrong. Especially since she’s usually quoting doctors.

    • Alzaetia says:
      What the hell is your problem??
      The audacity of Jenny McCarthy to preach about HER autism delusions! My question: Is her book/preaching about her son or to feed a narcissist?

    • one of the MAIN problems is that Jenny said that she “CURED” her son’s autism. Which is impossible.

      Any parent with an autistic child now that diet has the potential to help. But the kid is still on the spectrum. You don’t cure autism.

      “Or are you just pissed off that the diet didn’t help your son?”— and that is a totally SHITTY thing to say. Go f*ck yourself.

      • The diet didn’t help my daughter either. And it was an actual question, not me being shitty. There are a lot of parents of autistic kids who are pissed off at her because they had hope that the diet would work for their kid and it didn’t.
        I wish changing my daughter’s diet had helped her, but I sure as hell don’t begrudge somebody else trying to help other people’s kids.

        I don’t need to go fuck myself to be in pain. I just have to look at my daughter freaking out because somebody wants to take her to Disneyland. A situation that to most kids is reason for celebration throws my child into a panic.

      • yeah, it’s too late for sympathy. I am not going to feel bad for someone who was so fucking mean to wendie. I feel bad for your child, not only because they will face difficulties being autistic, but because they have such a bitter cunt for a mom.

      • Oh, I wasn’t looking for sympathy. I was just letting you know that your wishes for me to fuck myself are completely meaningless.

        I have a beautiful daughter is who is loved beyond reason. Neither one of us need your sympathy.

        I have no ill will towards Wendie or anyone else. I’m sorry you think asking an honest question is being “so fucking mean.”
        Life is going to be hard for you when it comes time to do things that are tough.
        I suggest you stay in and watch some nice, gentle children’s programming.

      • I sure am. It’s an attribute that paid off mightily in my effort to have my daughter properly diagnosed and treated at a time when doctors just wanted me to go home with my “hyper active” child.

        That doesn’t mean I’m wrong to question an attack on a woman who found something that helped her child and shared that. How horrible would she be if she sat on that information instead?

      • the problem is that she didn’t promote it as a possible cure for some kids who may have an allergy that causes autism-like symptoms, she promoted as a cure for autism. she made it seem like all parents who didn’t cure their kids somehow weren’t trying hard enough.

      • Did you read the book? Because she absolutely did do that.
        The point of the book was that there’s hope when you get sent home with your diagnosis. There are things you can try. You don’t just have to go home and feel like nothing can ever change.
        Of course it hurts when hopes are dashed. But not as much as feeling completely powerless. So the diet doesn’t work for everybody. Keep looking for things that help your child.
        There’s enough guilt for mother’s of autistic children to last a lifetime. I never got the impression that Jenny Mc Carthy is trying to spread more around.
        The tone of the book was all about how doctors send you home to deal with your diagnosis and never provide you with alternatives. Or hope.
        I don’t like it when people trash a woman who is trying to spread hope. We need more of that, not less.

  • I’m not sure what everyone elses issues with Jenny are, but I take issue with her declaring to have CURED her son as opposed to saying she has found a diet that helps manage his autism. If she stops the diet, will his symptoms return? can you really call that cured?

    • From what I’ve heard….yes. Taking out the Gluten/wheat/etc is what helps them so putting it back into their bodies would cause problems again. Just like someone who is allergic to peanuts can’t eat peanuts because symptoms will occur. Since my nephew has been on the diet, if he slips up and eats something he isn’t supposed to his behavior will change drastically. This diet can also help with hyperactive kids as well, but if it’s stopped the hyperness (word?) comes back. So no it isn’t a “cure” i suppose at all.

    • It’s like saying that you “cured” your AIDS with AIDS medicines. your symptoms are just lessened- you still have freaking AIDS.

  • I don’t disagree with the diet. It helped my nephews aggressiveness and stomach problems immensely. And although it has “cured” some kids, it’s doesn’t work with all kids. That is just a FACT. So she needs to make that FACT more clear when she is talking about this issue. Saying that anyone can cure their child’s autism with the diet is simply not fair to say. It gave a lot of parents some major disappointment.
    But I agree that many parents need to at least try out the diet, because you never know, your kid may be one to benefit from it. But her statement saying that she is sick of talking about Autism is just bullshit. She shouldn’t have made herself the unofficial spokesperson for Autism and then simply decide that she wants to talk about not eating Sugar on a popular and heavily viewed site like Oprah’s. She should at least use that outlet to encourage people to fight for more easily accessible programs for autistic children as well as to educate themselves more about what vaccines might be doing to contribute to Autism.

  • I actually like Jenny McCarthy. I think she’s quite funny and not afraid to be crass or gross and I admire that in a woman who was launched by virtue of being a stereotypical plasti-gal.

    I don’t have kids. Don’t plan on having them, so I just tune out her autism stuff. If I think of her as being back on MTV and then teaming up with Oprah, well now that’s just high comedy.

  • First and for most I LOVE OPRAH so all u haters stop a hatin’ the O train baby. Peace. Love. Joy. … and Oprah. LOL

    I agree Jenny has a great message to share about how a certain diet can help some kids but in the few interviews I’ve seen she has mentioned stuff about not being a good enough parent if you don’t try it her way and so on and she specifically targeted mothers… It was pretty unfair and ignorant about parents with autistic children

    Oprah supporting jenny this much? weird…doesn’t fit.

    Oh and Wendie is AWESOME so all who think otherwise…SUCK IT (even if she doesn’t love my Oprah)

  • I’ve met Jenny and her son, two years ago(summer 2007) at an autism trial clinic at UCLA(ran by the great BJ Freeman). Jenny actually brought a camera crew with her for a documentary she was going to do. That really rubbed people the wrong way.Her son was pretty severe(at the time) and was being home schooled. The diet did improve some of his behaviors but not enough to claim he is cured. I wonder if that is why this documentary has yet seen the light of day.

    Wendie-you rock!

  • Have any of you actually read her book?

    If you had, you would know that she does NOT recommend that mothers stop vaccinating their children, nor does she tout her diet method as a panacea cure for autism. She writes about what helped HER child in the hope that there may be other parents out there whose children can find improvement for their symptoms. She does not promise a cure.

    It would be a travesty NOT to share that information.
    Doctors can be ASTONISHINGLY narrow-minded and judgemental of anything they don’t understand. Remember Lorenzo’s Oil?

    Remember how the parents proved the doctors wrong?

    Doctors can be wrong.

    • She may not mention the word “cure” in her book(IDK), but she has vocalized on several occasions, via talk circuits and magazine interviews, that the wheat-and-diary-free diet indeed became the panacea for her son’s autism. As for getting vaccinations…

      TIME: Your collaborator recommends that parents accept only the haemophilus influenzae type B (HIB) and tetanus vaccine for newborns and then think about the rest. Not polio? What about the polio clusters in unvaccinated communities like the Amish in the U.S.? What about the 2004 outbreak that swept across Africa and Southeast Asia after a single province in northern Nigeria banned vaccines?

      JM: I do believe sadly it’s going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe. If the vaccine companies are not listening to us, it’s their f___ing fault that the diseases are coming back. They’re making a product that’s s___. If you give us a safe vaccine, we’ll use it. It shouldn’t be polio versus autism.

      Also that the MMR vaccine is the sole blame for her son’s autism. Bear in mind, many recent studies, court rulings, CDC, The Institute of Medicine(independent organization), as well as, a slew of medical experts concluded that there’s no evidence that vaccines can cause autism. However, Jenny McCarthy believes her son is psychic because he has piercing blue eyes.

  • Jenny doesn’t know shit. She doesn’t want to acknowledge her son has Autism, instead she tells everyone she has “cured” her son and publishes millions of books telling people she can cure autism with “special foods and activities and home-schooling”.

    Look I get foods can help with certain symptoms but how the fuck is that considered a cure? also how is taking your kid out of a social environment any better? my friend has autism and goes to school like everyone else and that actually helped him a LOT. Argh I just wish Oprah would just challenge Jenny’s beliefs rather than going “OMG you are amazing and everything you are saying is so true! and everyone should follow what your book says!” stop giving this bitch praise! she thinks she is so right about everything and has no evidence to back up her claims.

  • What’s the issue with Jenny McCarthy? Did she eat someone’s young whole? She’s not nearly as evil as most of Hollywood

  • If you think doing some sort of “autism dance” around your kid’s bed with costumes on or feeding them asparagus or whatever “cured” them, good for you. But don’t put your opinion out there as “the cure for autism”. There is a reason people do research objectively on more than one subject. The biggest difference between you two, Wendie, is that you live in the real world and Jenny lives, well, somewhere else.