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The Zac Efron Avocado


Holy guacamole!

The Washington Post has an interesting article in its Sunday edition about how Disney has been backing away from partnering with junk foods like McDonalds and is instead branding healthier foods like eggs and fruit with familiar faces.

One such product is the High School Musical avocado. When Disney stamps a product with a popular character, such as tween sensation Zac Efron, it “can’t help but benefit from the nag factor,” says Lance Gatewood, the vice president of Disney Consumer Products’ Food, Health & Beauty, North American division. And, when kids are begging their parents for something nutritious, like an avocado, he explains, it’s hard to say no. Parents are happy, growers are happy, grocers are happy, kids are happy and healthy, and, oh yeah, Disney is pleased, too. It turns out that seasonal fruits can be the perfect promotional platform for a film. Last summer’s avocado season coincided conveniently with the fall release of High School Musical 3. Besides the promotional boost, Disney earns back royalties on units sold. And, because of the Disney appeal, more units tend to sell. Sometimes it’s a lot more: Bagged-apple sales went up 47 percent during a High School Musical promotion at Winn-Dixie.

That’s all well and good, Disney, but promise me you’ll keep Zac Efron’s face off bananas in the foreseeable future. At least until his fan base is old enough that we know they won’t be using it as a “learning tool.”

(And yeah, bitches, I made that graphic myself. Don’t be jealous that my mad skillz extend to the visual arts.)

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  • I got your twitter and raced over here to see this artistic excellence and was not disappointed. So Dali-esque… :D

    Now off to eat my Albino Snow White Peas and 7 Dwarf Sunflower Seeds salad.

  • Rofl. That kind of bananas would be totally dangerous. And EWWW. I would not eat any sort of food with anyones faces in it…especially Zac Efron.

  • how annoying would it be if your children wanted you to pay twice as much because they wanted “Disney” eggs?

  • “learning tool” hahahaha so funny! Beet you make my day everyday!
    I’m in Mexico, far away from the epicenter of the damned “flu” that has been all over the news all day long, for days now. Anyway, there are no cases in my state, which is right under Arizona, but, ALL schools are closed, that is, as a prevention measure to avoid the spread of the god damned swine flu. But, why am I talking about this? Well I’m a teacher beet!!! I’ve been out of business for almost a week now, and it’s driving me crazy! Do you understand why I’m telling you that you make my day? Well because the internet it’s my main source of distraction. How pathetic? Well, many business are closed, specially, places where people gather, lets say, to have a drink or two? So, I’m stuck, at home, watching T.V, reading blogs (I’ve followed yours for long time), chatting, etc. That’s how life is when you are in an involuntary “quarantine”! So depressing… :(
    And, yeah my comment is not very related to your post, sorry.

  • In my youth I don’t think I ever rushed to the store to pick up an avocado.. couldn’t they market it on a more kid friendly fruit or vegetable like peaches or strawberries?

    • yeah, that’s the first thing i thought also. but then i realized that avocados are one of the most expensive fruits in the grocery store…typical disney.

  • i totally love asian pears (they are expensive in the store, too) they can have miley advertising them with those “asian eyes” she does so well…