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Everyone’s in Rehab Again


Rehab visits come in waves, like deaths and flu pandemics and vodka poured down Lindsay Lohan’s throat. (Who am I kidding? That last one’s a steady current.) Don’t get excited, though; Lindsay’s not in rehab again just yet. Right now we have VJ Matt Pinfield, who checked himself in last week, and Dennis Rodman, who’s agreed to do outpatient treatment although friends were hoping he’d opt for inpatient.

The former NBA star, who has battled addiction for years, has agreed to enter an outpatient program where he’ll regularly see a counselor.

While it is a step in the right direction, last week family and friends of Rodman, including his former Los Angeles Lakers coach, Phil Jackson, unsuccessfully reached out to the star, who refused to admit himself to an inpatient facility.

“Yes, they tried an intervention, but unfortunately Dennis refused to go,” Rodman’s rep tells E! News. “We all know how amazing he is when sober and we hope he gets there soon.”

Meanwhile, David Hasselhoff was found passed out on his floor by his 16-year-old daughter Hayley. She called her mother, Pamela Bach — from whom David is bitterly estranged — and she came over and rushed him to the hospital. He had severe alcohol poisoning.

A source said a frightened Hayley kept “slapping her dad’s face” to keep him alive. “He was barely breathing when they got him at the hospital … He’s recovering. Pam was his bedside till 4a.m. this morning. This is about the 7th time he’s been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning. How many visits will it take before he dies?”

Indeed. It’s especially heartbreaking because The Hoff’s tried so, so hard to get and stay sober over the years. I give him a rough time sometimes, but I know it’s killing him to put his daughters through this, and my heart just hurts for this family. What a vicious disease. Expect David to do yet another round of inpatient.

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  • omg, his BAC was a .39? That’s ridiculous. Oh Hoff. I hope he gets better. I feel bad for his family. Having to see your father like that, almost die, must be so hard.

  • yeah! evil beet, i’ve heard about your site, but never been here before! Your writing style is WRITE ON! Your word choice….FAB and your heart is apparent. Can’t wait to keep digging to see all that I’ve missed before today. WRITE ON, BABY!