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Gavin Rossdale’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Up And Out


Oh, boy.  The newest issue of In Touch has an interview with a dude named Marilyn who claims to have had a five-year relationship with Gavin Rossdale-Green Day singer and husband of Gwen Stefani.

With a happy marriage, two beautiful children and a romance that’s lasted more than 13 years, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have one of rock ’n’ roll’s most stable relationships. But Gavin wasn’t always the perfect family man he is today. Back in the ’80s, he was a wild child who wore black lipstick and partied until all hours at London’s underground clubs. And the most important relationship of his life may have been with another androgynous, hard-partying man. As In Touch has learned, Gavin had a long-standing secret love affair with Marilyn — a male rocker who looked remarkably like Gwen. “He was the love of my life,” Marilyn tells In Touch.

Though Boy George broke the news of Gavin, 43, and Marilyn’s tumultuous romance in his 1995 book, Take It Like a Man, Gavin denied it, stating, “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends.” At the time, Marilyn denied the affair, as well. But today he says he did it only because Gavin asked him to. “He was just becoming successful in America,” Marilyn explains. “I agreed to lie against every grain of my being.” Now, Marilyn wants to set the record straight. In an exclusive interview with In Touch, the British pop icon details the love affair that spanned the early ’80s. “We were together five years,” Marilyn says. “But it felt like 40.” (Gavin’s rep denies the story.)

Though Gavin’s rep may want to deny the story, the fact that Boy George already outed this relationship and now one of the two parties is ‘fessing up to it, I think it could be true.  It’s entirely possible that Gwen already knows that her husband is bi-sexual but it seems such a far departure from the simple kind of life she proclaimed to want.

UPDATE:  To all who felt so passionate about this that they had to email me, Bush…not Green Day.  I don’t even know who Green Day is or what recesses of my mind it came from but no matter what band he came from, it doesn’t change the fact that he allegedly boned a dude for five years.  Oh, and for the people who want to say I’m homophobic, my son is a show-tune loving, can-can dancing fool.  So I’m as about non-homophobic as they get, k?

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  • “t’s entirely possible that Gwen already knows that her husband is bi-sexual but it seems such a far departure from the simple kind of life she proclaimed to want.”

    How very homophobic of you. I hope your mother and father are proud of the fact that you appear to be equating bi-sexuality with a lack of family values or an inability to have a successful partnership with a woman or a stable and happy family life.

    I’m sure, though, that your intent was to portray Gavin as someone who couldn’t possibly have a stable and loving home life for reasons other than his possible bi-sexuality, right?

    Oh, wait… nope. That’s exactly what you’re doing.

    • I think she was referring more to the media attention and that one song other than the fact that he lives the CRAZY CHAOTIC BISEXUAL LIFE!

    • I was coming here to say something similar, though less angrily. Having bisexuality in the mix doesn’t suddenly negate “simple”. They’re still a husband and wife who are committed to each other. The orientation of one or both of them does not need to be relevant to that specific relationship.

      I am bi and I have never felt the need to cheat, or have “one of each”, or live some sort of complicated deviant lifestyle. All it means is when and if I fall in love, the gender is unimportant.

    • I think people need to calm down. Wendie’s not being homophobic. No Doubt had a single called “Simple Kind of Life” that Gwen publicly admitted was about her wanting to get married and settle down with Gavin. Here’s the video if you need more proof:

      No where in the post does Wendie say that being bi means Gavin’s a homewrecker. She made a pun using a song title belonging to someone related to the story. Writer’s do it all the time. No big deal.

  • Bush, not Green Day. And that didn’t sound homophobic to me at all, it seemed like an innocent reference to the amount of attention this will be given in the media.

    • ugh THANK YOU. He looks nothing like Gwen. OMG they both have blondish hair!!!! TWINSSS!!!!! In Touch sucks.

  • Yawn. Stefani is overrated, I can’t stand No Doubt. Bush was decent but Rossdale should stick to acting.

  • I’m willing to give the EB author of this post the benefit of the doubt and attribute any viewed ‘homophobia’ to a poorly worded paragraph this early in the morning. I’m a bisexual, and have quite a normal life. And if anyone makes a remark about not wanting a bi as an EMT, you have the right to patient refusal and can drive your own ass to the ER.

    That said, who DIDN’T wear black lipstick, party in underground clubs, and act flamboyant in the 80s? It was a decade of excess and oppulence. That would be like admonishing someone for wearing flannel in the 90s.

  • Seriously? This is a blog, how could a blog not use google, wikipedia, imdb, anything to figure out the band is Bush.

    Let us also not forget that he fathered a daughter (Daisy Lowe) with an ex and Gwen only found out after they were married. He was the Godfather to Daisy before it came out he was the real dad.

    I don’t care if my husband had relationships with a man before me, but I’d sure like to know about a child.

    • He didnt know he was her father till a few years ago.
      its like how liv Tyler thought Todd Rundgren was her father, but nope it was really Steven Tyler and she didnt find out till her late teens.
      Shit like this happens with groupie sluts all the time.

      • True that he didn’t know until later about the child. But, what was true (or so people claimed) is that he said he never had a romantic relationship Pearl Lowe. So I was more speaking of the fact that he got called out on that lie when it turns out the kid was his.

    • “I don’t care if my husband had relationships with a man before me”-seriously?! That sounds dangerous.
      Good point about him fathering Daisy Lowe!

      • Yup, I don’t care what/who people have done in their past as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else and they were safe. Also, that they are truthful.

        I then have the choice to say yes or no on going forward. I might say no, but who knows, it would depend on what the situation was.

  • I’m calling “staged” on this one. I remember Marilyn from the way back machine… he had some marginal success on the British charts, but I don’t know that I ever knew him as anything other than a friend of / ripoff of Boy George. His wiki page talks about serious drug & mental health problems, and then closes with “Now lives quietly with his mother in North London.” He had retired from music until 2001 it says… so why now? Publicity? Money?

    I’m sure Gavin Rossdale did experiment with sex and drugs and probably lots of things, but so did about half the population. The real question is why is the story breaking now?

    • Because Marylin is a MAJOR TOOL and a half-assed version of Boy George, anyway. Apparently Gavin and Gwen have stopped paying his rent and they are now no longer friends.

    • I seem to recall much the same as you regarding Marilyn being more of a hanger on than a big success.

      I suspect that Marilyn is just after some money, he made an appeal to fans a while back for some money because he wanted a MacBook.

  • isn’t the model Daisy Lowe his recently discovered “love child”. I think if their relationship can handle the sudden appearance of a nearly grown child, then a washed up ex-partner grasping for a little bit of attention can’t be that big of a deal for them. They are a fun couple to watch and I wish them success and happiness.

  • I’m sorry, but what exactly is a big deal here? That some people are not heterosexual? Well duh… This relationship took place a long time ago and has nothing to do with his current relationship. I am sure Gwen is fully aware of her husbands previous relationships, whether with men or women.

  • This is snooze news. When do we get to stop fussing about whether someone is gay, bi or straight? The real question is, how good was the relationship? Happy, kind, devoted, functional? If so, good for them, to have found that at a young age.

    Last I heard, Gavin’s young adult daughter was more of a revelation to Gwen than this. But who knows how open they are with each other? She’s got the guy who she loves and they appear to have a good, stable life. What more could anyone want, especially if you’re in show biz? It’s hard to come by at all, much less when you are being hounded by groupies all your life.

  • He’s the lead singer of Bush. Not Green Day. Don’t you fact find before you publish a story? Internet “journalism” has no standards I suppose; just say anything, right?

    • So how many names do you post under? I know for a fact that with every individual email address comes a specific assigned avie.

      You often argue with yourself and its fucking annoying.
      If you are being paid to keep the comment numbers up then please buy a clue and use several different email addresses.

  • Looks like Wendie is sticking to the Green Day decision, folks…either that or she hasn’t looked at the comments all day.

  • I hate to say it, but I’ve been getting kind of annoyed with some Wendie posts lately — not going to movies, the whole Beyonce thing, and not knowing that Gavin isn’t in Green Day (it’s okay if you don’t know about Bush – they aren’t really in the spotlight too much – but you should know he’s NOT in Green Day at least).

  • Too much trouble for a name of a band she never listened to. People never cease to amaze me. Bad to the bones, all of us.

  • LOLOLOLOLOL gavin rossdale the lead singer for green day? hahahahahahahaha, somebody doesnt know what the hell they are talking about!

  • this pic is not new, i seen it along long time ago over 15 years ago, so apparently Marilyn was kissing & telling back then. Funny how Gwen strives to look like Marilyn, so no surprise he married that he/she born both sexes in NC, who had a nose job, breast implants and steals other women’s music. Get a divorce and Gwen you’re the reason he has no contact with his daughter aren’t you? Admit your secrets too stefani, 20 years is long enough. Cos we know. you know what else, gavin is so young, was he forced or abused into gayism? Poor gavin, i love him and his music. he’s dedicated in telling his story of another girl in his music, or you people deaf too. gwen pushed herself on gavin is what i feel

  • even reputable newspapers like the NY Times and Wall ST Journal, make mistakes and need to make retractions. Give the girl a break.

  • Met Gavin on the street in Houston, TX-he is very human like us all-proper–needed a place to eat -directed him to the best place I knew in Houston-he is human–what mistake has he made? Obviously to degrade someone until YOU feel equal is more of a thing for yourself–its human nature for sure–but weigh what you’ve done for others and make sure it’s equal with what you say to the man or woman before you judge them–this man had a great concert in Houston-what is it to disregard a man’s efforts? My opinion of them–he or she is not much; and further God blessed him he has a family.

  • I didn’t read anything but the update. To report this and type Green Day instead of Bush is terrible. Just awful. But I don’t understand how having a “show-tune loving, can-can dancing fool” for a son would disqualify you from being homophobic. It’s quite laughable logic. Anyway, I don’t think you’re homophobic for posting this article, but “he boned a dude for five years,” in the update seemed a bit odd. I do think this whole operation is quite shoddy.

  • Ok, so he was gay. But then Gwen comes along and uses her kitty to set him straight!

    MEOW! Ya know that is just the power of kitty. All you gays beware, once you go straight, you’ll never deviate!

  • Just because you “are friends with black people”, doesn’t mean you aren’t racist…