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Here’s a snapshot of helmetless Helena Bonham Carter tooling around London with her son, Billy Ray, and a friend.  I’d like to take a crack at this one.  How about “Note to person who told me I look like Helena Bonham Carter:  ‘Eff Off.'”

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  • I freakin’ love her. She’s soo different than all those wannabe’s and desperado’s. And she also always has the best roles, freaky and twisted… love it!

  • Wendie are you kidding? I LOVE her. She’s so quirky and awesome. And she’s not afraid of being different. And she’s a great actress. I mean who rides round London like that these days?! What a legend.

  • I am so in love with her!! She is so funky and awesome, I can never imagine anyone else in the roles she gets. I asked a friend of mine just a few days ago if she could do my hair like hers in Sweeney Todd, but she said no :(

  • Helena Bonham Carter is actually perfectly pretty. She just never brushes her hair and always dresses like a homeless woman from the 19th century.

  • Sorry Wendie, but you totally do look like her…just a whole lot less cracked out. At least you don’t look like you’re about to start throwing cats.

  • Helena Bonham Carter is a total Director Whore. She stole Kenneth Branagh from his wife and then when his career went in the toilet, she went for Beetlejuice. She’s a skank and whomever said that to you should be punched in the face. Either that, or find a way to secretly tell their young children that they are adopted.

  • Oh Helena is a very good looking woman! she just happens to let her crazy side decide how she’s going to present herself each day

  • Love her, love her, love her! She’s an actress- an artist and she looks like all those wonderful people that lurk around theatres and smoke in cafes around my rainy town of Melbourne. Love her…she’s mad!

  • actually wendie, she is very pretty and u SHOULD be flattered that anyone would see her in you. shes a fabo actress also. she’s obviously so grounded and confident that she can do and dress however whatever she wants and not give a shit what haterbloggers say.