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Your Daily Lohan


Lindsay covers her face from the photogs as she leaves h.wood in LA. She sure is teensy tiny these days! And can anyone remember the last night that Lindsay wasn’t out at a club somewhere? It’s just like the old days …

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  • I think she looks hot.
    Who does everyone think will get a new partner first, LL or Sam?
    One night stand doesn’t count.

  • Twitter says she was having a meltdown in H-wood, crying how much she wants Samantha, and threatening suicide. This is really, really scary. She needs to be in a psychiatric facility ASAP.

  • you’d think at some point you would grow tired of the same old shit and just stay in and stop being such a mess.

    • I was about 30 before I got tired of going out every night and being a mess. So I’m sure we expect a few more years of LiLo partying.

    • i think she’d get tired of it faster if she had to pay cover to get in and then pay for her drink tab.
      for the club its just getting their names in the tabloids and all that, its worth just letting lilo go crazy. the crazier the better even.

      • You’re definitely on to something there.
        The hottest clubs want her to come there.
        They make profits when she comes.
        They want her to get smashed and make a scene.
        She doesn’t pay cover-charge, drinks and doesn’t wait in line.
        She’s modern royalty.
        The poor girl needs serious help.
        And very soon.

      • Now that you mention it, the end of my clubbing days roughly coincided with getting turned away for being too old or wearing the wrong shit!! Maybe what LiLo needs is a bit of the old “sorry members and regulars only” on the door, or even “that’ll be $15 thanks”. The Ronson mafia should get onto that.

  • This lass continues to get waay too much press for what it’s worth. Hopefully the clock is winding down on her 15 minutes.