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Brooke Hogan Shows Off Her New Beau


Brooke spent some time in Miami this weekend filming her new music video (wait, really???) with her new boyfriend, rapper Yannique Barker. This makes perfect sense, actually. Her mother dates men who are half her age. Brooke can’t do that without tip-toeing into statutory rape, so instead she’s dating men who are half her size.

Whatever. I can’t wait to see this video. I’m sure it’ll be AMAZING and bubbling over with talent and intelligence, like everything Brooke does.

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  • Either she is HUGE, or Vin Diesel really isn’t as tall as they make him out to be in movies.

  • Brooke Bollea is a classic case of butterface… kinda like Tori Spelling. No amount of money and plastic surgery in the world could help that mug.

    • really? i think she’s way prettier and more grounded than tori. both came from batshit crazy parents, but this one seems kinda surprisingly with-it to moi.

  • It seems as if she is baby-sitting Vin Diesel’s son…
    that is a really bad combo, I think her mom and BF look less weird than this ‘couple’ right here… poor Hulk, why won’t someone talk some sense into these people… He’s got a pervy wife, a slutty daughter and a son that can’t keep his ass out of jail…

  • is this a new boyfriend or the old one? his name was slash or something (i’m assuming that’s a nickname here). if this really is a new one, she has some weird fetish b/c he is just as small as his predecessor..

  • I cant wait till the whole world allows these two hot ass trannies the right to get married!

    Twink and Tranny togetha

  • Mmhm. Why is she still trying with music? It’s just not her thing! I think we all can see she’s not talented at all. But there are several things she’s really good at! Like being trashy, dressing like a slut, trying to create some controversy on twitter talking about Britney, Susan Boyle, her dad (actually, nobody really cares)…

    Anyway, I think she looks like a man. I don’t know. I can see she has a hot body, but there’s something in her that makes me think I’m looking at a man.

    Pd. Hey, it’s me. The 16-years-old freak from Venezuela who’s begging you to put a Remember Me option in your site. xo :).

  • Excuse me, but isn’t making an issue of difference in stature between Brooke Hogan and her boyfriend (or calling her butterface and tranny) just another way of body snarking? I happen to be a lot larger in build than my husband (I am 5’6 and 180lb., he is 6’1 and 130lb) and I am sure some people think I could “snap him like a twig”. I can’t imagine how it would make me feel if our size difference was criticized on the internet.
    Also, since when does “dressing like a slut” make one a slut?
    I think I am getting sick of this blog.

    • It’s a free country people can say whatever they want…. Sounds like you have a personal issue…

      • 6’1, 130 lbs………?? wow make your man some cake mk? My man is 6’2, 195 lbs and I consider him slim >.>
        Also, people’s dress conveys to other who and what they are. People make judgments in the first five minutes of meeting others that don’t fade from their sub-conscious. If you want people to think your a slut, or if you see yourself as one, that is how you will dress. Sorry, humans are simply judgmental creatures, thankfully we have the protection of freedom of speech and we can voice our opinions about anything we damn well please. Just like your free to feel victimized by comments that weren’t directed at you.

    • i think you and your man sound kinda adorable.

      it can get a little snarky here, but overall, it’s more content and less snark than the other gossip sites, yo. and don’t confuse the bloggers with the readers, the latter being far snarkier.

    • For the record, I do not eat his food and he does not have an eating disorder. I have a naturally large build and he has a naturally slim build. My point was…..why are we criticizing their difference in size? No matter how you spin it, you are saying that becaseu of their differences, they should not be together because it looks “funny”. Furthermore, by commenting on their size differences, you are saying that she is either too big or he is too small. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

      • its simple behavioral psych. goes back to the cave man days. the female of the species are attracted to strong, physically powerful males, its that way in most mammals actually. its instinctual. so as a species we find it strange and unattractive to see a man matched with a woman that is larger then he is.

        and admit it, how feminine would you feel if your man had a smaller waist line then you?

    • OMG! That is hilarious. I can see her tucking him into a huge handbag and toting him around when his little legs get tired from walking.. how cute.

  • Oh OK I get it. So a man can marry another man and anyone who doesn’t approve on the grounds of their physical sameness is an ignorant hater, but it’s socially unacceptable for Brooke Hogan to date a guy who’s physically smaller than her. How very tolerant! Obviously two totally different ideas…. *rolls eyes*

    • I think there’s a vital difference that you may not have spotted between humour and serious prejudice. While Beet was poking fun out of his small statue I’m fairly certain she wouldn’t vote for legislation that would stop them getting married.

      Although Beet if your interested I’m willing to write the advert for you! ‘A storm is coming, the clouds are dark and the men are abnormally small’ together we could go far :)

      lol you have to admit that she does look as if she’s strolling hand in hand with a child.

      • I know that Beet was just being funny, but where does the humor come from? The idea that it’s funny for a woman to be physically larger than a man goes hand in hand with it being shameful to be a short man, or shameful for a woman to date a man shorter than her. Just as easy as it is for someone to think it’s weird for Brooke to be dating a guy smaller than her and make humor out of the implicit shame, some think it’s weird for a man to be in romantic love w/another man. I just want to point out that everyone can be biased, even people who are very apparently open minded or tolerant.

      • Or maybe thats shit is funny because Brooke Hogan is a known dumbass who does dumbass things on TV in order to sell us her dumbass as a brand and product. As a consumer i dont want my blow up dolls playing with Ken’s little brother DJ Douche Barbie.

        Comparing a known air head who herself thinks women shouldnt be presidents because they are “too emotional” and the ability for LIFE PARTNERS to properly care for their families and having recognized rights by our government IS STUPID BeCAUSE YOU KNOW IT ISNT THe SAME FUCKING THING!


  • She is in NO WAY heavy, or thick, but dang, I could never be with a guy who had a smaller waistline than me!!! Yes, I’m very shallow. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Are those pantyhose that she is wearing? She is a big girl next to her ‘little’ boyfriend.

  • I’m bothered by the belly ring more than anything. Are we still doing that? I hope she has a matching toe ring.

  • i don’t care about the size differential between her and lovey-dovey, i can’t get past the size of her giant-ass thighs. yikes.

  • Isn’t Brooke 6’0 or 6’1? She reminds me of Gabrielle Reece body wise… tall and athletic build. I not bugged by her being bigger than him.. lets be honest… any girl over 5’6 and 130 is bigger than most men acting in movies or in the entertainment field nowadays… haha!
    this is a current pic of Gabrielle Reece… with her husband Laird Hamilton. She is not a tiny girl either.. and tho it is not as noticeable here… but she is bigger than her husband.

    But it does seem odd that so many people are freaked out by a girl dating a man that is smaller than her.

    I guess Brooke does not annoy me as much as everyone else here…. but bless her heart… she really does need to stop dressing like it is 1983… including all the frosty makeup.

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