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When I Said, “Lindsay Is Back On The Pole,” I Didn’t Realize How Right I Was


It appears that Lindsay Lohan is in talks to appear in a topless Vegas show.  Lindsay has impressive qualifications and certainly doesn’t have any other job offers streaming in right now so I say, “Go for it!”  I must say that the dress she’s wearing in these pictures indicates a need for a little, uh…fluffing of the pillows.  That inevitable gravity finally found our your girl’s girls.

Saturday night Lindsay attended the premiere of Peepshow, a Mel B. and Kelly Monaco production.  More than just showing up and being conscious, she took a meeting with Jerry Mitchell-a big theater director dude.

According to someone “in the know,” Lindsay said she’d jump at the part if the money was right.  I’d like to suggest that Lohan needs to take any role that someone is medicated enough to offer her.

Mel B. and Lindsay seem to have hit it off and Linds has abandoned the covert Red Bull drinking and openly downed her vodka and sodas until 3 a.m.

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  • I really want better things to happen for Lindsay. But it seems like she has no guidance in that area of her life. It is not as if she is without talent. She can act… and geez isn’t she still only 22? If only she had a parent who did not use her for their own source of income… she might stand a chance.

    But dang… you have to give Melanie Brown credit… she has really taken advantage of everything that has came her way.

    The girl works! She seems to get that this is a second chance to be a earner… and control the money… and she is working it hard.

    Plus she seems genuinely happy to have all the work. Lets just hope she has had enough sense not to let the husband have check signing privileges….hahaha!

    • Are you kidding me? There isn’t anything better for her. The only thing she has left is her body so she might as well use it to make money before she loses even that.

      She can’t act. She can’t sing. She has no brains. What else is there for a shallow party girl to do? Get a job at Target?

      • I must concur, This is just beyond sad, this is like Dana Plato sad. I don’t think Lindsay will make it to 30 and I put the blame squarely on her idiot parents. How can you turn out right when dad is a con artist and mom is a Narcissist who exploits you? Her own mother did cocaine with her when she was underage for cripe’s sake.

  • Lindsay, babe, I love you, but you look like shit. Please, please, please listen to your favorite girl and get some help before you destroy yourself.

  • lilo I love you but please don’t do this…it would be stupid and a mess for your career!
    why doesn’t she make a new album!!?? Boss is a super song…being a singer is a better idea than being in a topless show

  • Are all the “ writers “ on this site obsessed with Lindsay Lohan?!…Seriously, this is obviously a gossip site, but you mention her name in 90 % of your posts…chill out a bit…can’t see a big ( pun intended…) difference between you and Perez these days…

  • Ahahahahaha!! She’s going to be a stripper!! Christ, she looks to be in her late 40’s now. I don’t think I’d want to see that. Since her acting career is pretty much over and she may be entering the stripper scene, I give her 6 months before she’s blowing customers for extra coke.

  • Lindsay needs to eat a fucking sandwich. and what’s with that finger in the mouth thing. God, she is so gross. really, this girl is beyond help.

    • She picked up the “finger in the mouth thing” from Samantha Ronson. Must be an oral fixation.

  • Sad how she looks super-hot in her glam shots and looks like shit in every other picture. This chick is 22 and could easily pass for 37. She’ll be tucking her tits in her sock pretty soon and at the rate she’s burning through her money she better start earning on that pole for retirement. Porn offers aren’t too far behind, mark my words

  • You guys are obviously so used to seeing fake tits around this joint that you have forgotten what most large breasts -REAL ONES- actually do. They don’t stand at attention all by themselves. They look like they’re supposed to in this photo.

  • People with such a natural large chest need to wear bras ALWAYS. Only silicone chests that large stay up. As a matter of fact every woman should wear a bra and panties. Im so grossed out by people ditching their undergarments it always looks cheap.