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What Is The Meaning Of This?


I don’t know why these two haven’t announced their impending divorce yet, but in the meantime, I can’t help but wonder:  Are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick just trying to out-offend each other with their wardrobe choices?  I mean, SJP usually looks great so I can forgive her for wearing fuchsia Always (with wings!) maxi-pads on her feet but what’s up with her hub?  I think that now is as good a time as any other to remind you that Matthew Broderick is only forty-seven years old.  I own wine older than this twit.  Can anyone come up with a reasonable excuse for looking like this?

Here’s the happy couple last night walking to the off-Broadway theater production of Mary Stuart.

Also at the play?  Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

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    • Usually looks great?? that MUST be sarcasm! Mathew Broderick has been married to Sarah Jessica Parker for so… long that now ”HE”S starting to look ugly.

    • Totally agree….he does always have that look on his face when he is with her… as if he hates his life.

      What has always bugged me about her clothes… is that she tries too hard to be cutting edge. Very SATC circa 2002.

      SJP reminds me of the Olsen twins in her style of dress. Desperate to be notice for her “style”…. when they all look like they got dressed with the lights off. haha!

    • good for him for being out and smiling. just because he’s not crying doesn’t mean he’s not grieving. but you also have to keep living.

    • He is smiling because he just realized he won’t have to pay a divorce settlement and alimony.

    • You’re kidding right? Is there a time limit on how long it’s appropriate to go without smiling after a loved one dies? Is his life supposed to end as well? I’m sure he’s grieving and will be for a very long time. It doesn’t mean he has to lock himself away and hide under his covers forever. I think it’s great he’s out and obviously has good friends to support him.

  • Matthew Broderick looks SO MISERABLE to be photographed in that suit with SJP. I wonder what she caught him doing to endure that.

  • I’m no fashionista, but a good friend of mine who cares about these things once told me that you should never wear brown shoes or a brown belt with a blue or grey suit.

  • Maybe she picked the outfit :P

    Regardless, I respect them a lot for not being the cliche Hollywood couple and sticking together for a good while! :)

  • I heart SJP’s shoes too! MB not so much. Oh and Wendie you have 50 year old wine??? Party’s at Wen’s house!

  • I think that she is making Matthew Broderick embarrass himself as part of an agreement to assuage his misdeed of cheating on her.

  • I think they will get divorced. When you are with someone, don’t you normally ask “what are you wearing, honey?” and try to somewhat compliment each other. These too clash so badly, its like they got ready in their separate wings of the house and met at the front door, ready to pretend to the world they love each other.