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Cat Cora Is A Mom Again!


After last night’s fuckery, my soul has basically fled my body.  I spent most of my night rocking back and forth in a corner crying and craving Sky Bars and contemplating what benefit there was to me staying on this planet.  I’m basically Lindsay Lohan.  So today you should expect one line entries with no commentary provided that extends past the bare essentials.

Therefore, Iron Chef America‘s Cat Cora and her wife Jennifer who have both been knocked up, as mentioned here and here, finally have something to show for all the hormonal warfare that I’m sure they have been suffering .  Jennifer brought Cat’s biological child, little Thatcher Julius Cora, into the world over the weekend.

Ah, baby.  And another one on the way for the couple in another three months.  I was so glad to be past the baby stage in my life-imagine my surprise to learn that I’m about to re-enter it as an old, wrinkly grandma.  And yes, I’m thirty-six.  Cheers!  And someone?  Anyone?  Get me a Sky Bar.

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  • As a Nana to 4 little grandbabies, I can tell you that the tears will stop flowing the minute you hold that baby. If I had known grandchildren could be so wonderful, I would have skipped the kids and gone straight to grandbabies. The best part is that you get to do SO MUCH BETTER than you did with your own kids…because you know so much more. Hang in there…it will be beautiful no matter what the circumstances.

    • They did it just to spit in the face of the Labour party! You know those Southern lesbians just love to meddle in British politics. Smug bitches.

      Joking aside, I like Julius, but Thatcher is a fucking horrible name.

  • Beet,
    I don’t think Wendie should be linking to her personal blog from “Evil Beet.” It takes away from the fact that this is your site. It doesn’t fit the format of what your site is about. It’s like she’s using it for publicity but more than that, her stuff just doesn’t work with this site. I went over and looked; it’s not that good. Long-winded and personal: fine for her personal blog but it doesn’t fit in with this site at all. I really think it takes away from what you’re doing here. But hey, it’s your thing. (For now anyway, until Wendie ruins it..)

    • You don’t have to click on the little pink links. So what if she links her site into a word and such into the stories. It’s not like there isn’t already a link for all of the editors at the top of the site anyway. Relax would you please. Wendie is a great and funny writer. Thanks Wendie for all that you do.

    • oh shut up Sheila. And all of the writer’s blogs are linked on the right side anyway. Sasha has her own one listed too, which definitely isn’t the same material as EB, because duh, it’s a personal blog.

    • Linking directly from the post to your own web site is very different than going to the sidebar and linking to a post. It puts a different flavor to the stories and makes the site not Beet’s.

  • Don’t you think that Cat Cora and her partner look like sisters? Very, very strange. It would be like sleeping with yourself. Very weird.

    • who is this lisa jane? Is she involved in a love triangle with Jordan and David Hasselhoff? Did she “what” Jordan?

      Wait, is this in response to me what-ing you? Am IIII involved in a love triangle with you and the Hoff? I’m so confused, and I hope Kimberly does not “hypnotist” me.