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If Ashley Tisdale Refuses to Mature, So Do I


I am such a 10-year-old girl. I was talking to my friend Anna today about possibly carpooling to the Britney Spears show on Thursday. She was like, “Yeah, we’ll probably leave around five.” I was like, “Well, okay, here’s the problem: Since I’m a member of the Britney Spears Fan Club …” and I didn’t get any further than that. Before I could explain that I had special fan-club VIP tickets that allow me to do a pre-show backstage tour and dinner, so I’d have to leave earlier than five, she had erupted in laughter, as had anyone else in earshot. I was like, “Fine! Okay! Yeah, I said that. I’m out and I’m proud! I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS!”

So whatever. I’m still a pre-teen as far as my musical tastes are concerned. So is 23-year-old Ashley Tisdale, who today released a longer clip of her new track, “It’s Alright, It’s Okay” on MySpace. You can listen to it here. It sounds like … something straight off the High School Musical soundtrack. I thought she was supposed to be past that phase in her career. But you know what? I kind of love it. I won’t apologize! I loooooove cheesy tween-pop! It makes me so happy!

For real, though, Ash, your music has to grow up, because eventually your fans are going to.

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  • Oh my god!!! You’re in the Britney Spears Fan Club!!! I laughed too so I can’t blame your friend. That’s hilarious but kinda cute. What else comes with that? Stickers? Britney shoe laces? A Britney Spears Trapper Keeper?
    Actually, a Britney Trapper Keeper would be kinda kick ass. Do they even make trapper keepers anymore?

    • Yes you get stickers and a little bag. And a special badge to wear around your neck that says you’re Britney Spears VIP. I have them all in a safe place. Don’t be jealous and come try to steal it.

  • BEET!!!!!!! WHY????? I love cheesy pop too, but THIS????? When I heard it (and her other tracks on myspace) I let out a VERY audible “BLEGHHHH” and proceeded to yank at my hair. I would hardly call myself a music- snob but this is just BAD. I could understand if it was kinda kitch but still catchy and fun. this…this… is total garbage. D:

  • Hahaha totally something 14 year olds will be listening to…but I can’t help it, I like it too! ah!!